Made in... ?

It's my fourth day checking out the labels of things I eat, wear and use.
Have you been checking ? 
Let me know if you have, I would love to add a link.
I find a new country everyday !
My new country for today was Pakistan, my skirt was made there.
I have to say that Zara is one of the stores where I find the 
most diverse origins.

Today the bra is Bali brand made in El Salvador and underwear 
is Sanrio's Hello Kitty made in China.
(wait, it this TOO MUCH information ?!)
I washed my hair and came across the following:
While doing my make up, I tried to use other of the stuff I have in my make
up drawer so I could see where else my cosmetics are being made.
As usual, there is always one item I have no idea where it is from, 
today it was a Smashbox clear lipgloss.
My nail polish, in this case Avon's Olive Green tone is made in the US.

The accessories are silver from Peru and Mexico.
My sunglasses are from Italy, I am wondering if the case is too..

Breakfast was local coffee sweetened with Splenda (made is US).
I also had local bread and local cottage cheese.
Lunch will be local meat and salad made of local goods and
strawberry yogurt, also made locally.

I will be doing a recap that should be interesting...


Elaine said...

It saddens me more and more to see China as your country of origin. I don't know why.... It's a reality to everyone - everyone has something that was amde in China! But I feel like we should do more than buy things from overseas... like local and handmade. But that gets expensive :/

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

drollgirl said...

i love your outfit!

i have never shopped at zara, but i see the name dropped frequently in blogland. i think i am missing out and need to find a zara STAT!

drollgirl said...

HELLO KITTY UNDERWEAR! ahahha! that is so funny!

KATHY said...

Este esmalte verde me tentas!!!
ame la cartera como siempre..besos Lore

Frances Joy said...

Love that outfit! I can't wait to see your recap post.

Anonymous said...

hi there.
this my first time visiting ur blog.

i just love the top and the bag!
and especially your review.. its cute!


LyddieGal said...

I love your denim pencil skirt!!
It is such a polished look and turquoise sandals are awesome.

I like that Avon's makeup is made in the USA. Not so much the clothes, but at least the stuff I put on my face is from my own country.

I'm also really mad that they have discontinued that smoothing balm.
The website says its gone, but I ordered it anyway and I'm hoping it will come tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so enjoying your project that I even did a bit of label reading myself. You can check it on my blog if you like.

Anonymous said...

Your series has gotten me to also check my labels and consider countries of origin. Thanks for being a catalyst!