Product Review: Urban Expressions Bag

I first saw Urban Expressions bags on line.
I was looking for the perfect bag and there is was !
Deep pockets on the side, the perfect color and just the size I wanted.
This baby you have seen me wear all week 
was purchased about 9 months ago.
I paid about 60.00 to 70.00 USD plus shipping.
By looking back at my blog I can tell you that I have worn it
about 15 times.
And guess what ?
It's falling apart !
The part where is closes became stuck together.
I could not open it and when I did the plastic
just crumbled, the same for the handle.
I rotate my bags a lot, I store them properly,
I clean them and when in use I do
not leave them laying around or put them 
on the floor.
It's a shame.


Jen said...

Hey, if you don't want it anymore, I'll take it!! I LUUUV that bag :-)

Happy Weekend Sweetie!! xo

Kiki Polglase said...

So sad to see the demise of you smart bag after such a short time. I'm afraid I would be very tempted to have a real go at complaining - it was not a delicate little evening bag after all... good luck and happier shopping in the future, Kiki x

Kristen said...

BUMMER. I have loved seeing this one in use lately.