Making Up my mind...

It's Friday! 
I woke up late.
I had an outfit planned in my head.
I tried it on, nothing fancy just jeans and a top.
"Crap, I am not sure I like this burgundy and beige together."
"I will exchange the vest for a black one. Mmmm no, not working."
Ok, it's almost 8:00 AM. 
"What If i pull out that shirt I wore on Monday and wear 
it with the beige vest ?"
Yes, that was this morning and finally went with the all beige top.
Which I am not sure why.
Which one would YOU have picked ?
(If any!)

- Levis Sandybell 1974 reissue Jeans
- Elie Tahari cream blouse
- Cream vest (THIS IS OLD! Maybe 11 years?)
- Cream bead earrings +necklace worn as bracelet 
-Caramel burgundy top
- Bronze and cream Elvis Tote (gift from mom)


Sheila said...

The middle outfit! but you still look great. :)

Love the Elvis bag!

drollgirl said...

sometimes i have outfits all picked out in my brain, and then the reality of them does not always pan out! it is so frustrating when that happens in the morning when trying to get ready for work! you know!

anywhoo, the middle outfit is my favorite! but they all work!

Frances said...

I actually really love the second outfit with the black vest. I think it looks great :) The one your wore is cute too.

LyddieGal said...

Wait... you took the time to photograph those in the morning, when you were running late??

I like the beige look you chose, as well as the black vest.

I hate it when the outfits you plan in your head don't work in reality!!

Chic on the Cheap

Ans said...

LOve the bag, it's FAB!!!

Kristen said...

Well you know from my last post that I commisserate! I liked all 3 choices.