Bye, Bye now have a good life

A couple of items are leaving my closet.
Shoes that are worn out, falling apart or just not presentable anymore.
A top that has a tiny hole...
I thought about keeping some of them and using them around the house but:
I know me. I would keep on wearing them, which is why they are leaving.
I continually check my closet for items that are not in their best shape.
I pay a lot of attention to detail which could be another name for plain nosy.
If you are well put together but there is a tiny hole in your top,  something is faded or stained you lose points.
These items were not doing anything for me, so bye bye.

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Kristen said...

I love when you post your castoffs, and why. It makes me look at my own clothes in a new light.

Shame about the gold ones. Those are my favorites of this batch!