Weekend with the girls a.k.a. my dogs

It took me forever to upload these pictures.
But, finally here they are.
On Saturday my H and I took out maltese dogs out for a long walk.
After a 10 minute drive we got to a popular walkway in the city.
(can you see the little orangey birds on the grass ?)
First we make sure the dogs are really tired and then we let them loose. 
That is the only way we do not have to chase them around and prevent them from running away.
Saturday had the best weather ever and the walkway was mostly empty so it was even better... no crowds !
Walked for about an hour and Vanilla and Marshmallow were tired.
On our walk back to the car, we came across mango trees where they decided they could rest.
Free mangos ?
Are you kidding ?
After picking up all the mangos my hands could carry, we came 
across other flowered  trees ..

This is one of my favorites, the leaf is HUGE - check out the size of my hand.
I have no clue what the name of it is, but I always stop to admire it.

After this walk I was as tired as my dogs and slept all day.
Literally slept.
Talk about intensive beauty sleep-
How was your saturday ?


Jan said...

What a lovely walk ,bet the dogs thought they could go today again ...love Jan xx

Sheila said...

Wow, that is so beautiful! Thanks for all the cool pictures!

Delane said...

awesome pics..I'm jealous of the mangos!

Bombshellicious said...

Looks absolutely beautiful xx

WendyB said...

Adorable pups!