Today I planned...

Planned to do outdoor pictures as I was walking to work.
I thought why not take them at the building entrance, but then I ran into the security guard and it was kind of awkward.
So I began to walk.
I only walk 2 blocks, well in two blocks there were 5 constructions going on.
I will not even tell you what I had to hear this morning. 
Are construction workers the worst everywhere? 
Long story short I could not find one single spot to take my pictures without being yelled at by a construction worker.
So I got to work without taking my pictures and did a few bad ones there, which I share with you now:
- Jeans 7 For All Mankind
- Brown top Oscar de La Renta
- Brown jacket MNG
- Tassel necklace, self made
- Brown peep toe suede flats Kenneth Cole Reaction
- Burgundy padded bag no brand, paid like 4 bucks for it.


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Yes - they are the same the world over!

Jan said...

Yes they are the same here too, but enjoy ,its years since I got a wolf whistle ,hee hee Jan xx in the UK

Carla said...

U should have just asked a construction worker to take the pics LOL

KATHY said...

Que esmalte mas lindo..con esta sandalia esta hermosa..besos