It's sooo Over !

My shopping ban is over. 
It began in January 2010 and was supposed to end in 
December 2010.
It was difficult.
I stayed away from shopping malls, 
I unsubscribed from many online sites in order to avoid 
temptation of sales and discount coupons.
I began going out without cash or credit cards. 
I would do "imaginary" on line shopping: fill up the cart and then log off.
I stopped buying fashion magazines.
I began to clean out my closet and try to wear all that's in it.
I got rid of shoes, clothes and handbags that were no longer 
in use or even in good shape.
This helped me save money.
Money I used for fixing up my car and try and 
finish paying for it sooner than later.
It was going well until I succumbed at a 30% off sale.
A friend asked me to join her in finding the perfect duvet.
Happens the department store was on sale.
It was crowded. Hell crowded.
When my eyes met up with an aqua PURE DKNY convertible cardigan.
Originally priced at 225.00 USD, 
available to me at that moment for only 15.00 USD 
In that specific moment my shopping ban passed away.
Slowly, painlessly.
YAY, here's my sinful silk and cashmere cardi:
- Black trousers
- Black v neck top Merona
- PURE DKNY aqua cardigan
- Rhinestone and lace necklace Forever 21
- Black pumps Bata
- Yellow patent tote Liz Claiborne
I have to admit I feel a little sinful.
I know have clothes and shoes to last me a lifetime.
But, it was an opportunity I could not pass!
Right ??!! Right??!


Kimberly said...

Coming out of lurker status to say YOU HAD TO BUY IT!! It is gorgeous and that price is insane! Congrats on a marvelous find!

Carla said...

great cardigan!! dont worry, u made it longer than I ever would have made it =D

Delane said...

sales are like cake, there will always be another tasty one to eat.

With that being said, pot meet kettle :-)

I've convinced my SO to buy me stuff and then there are those Tory Burch sandals i just bought.

Cute cardigan and I'm sure you will geta lot of wear out of it.

I guess the question is would you have bought it if you didn't love the color? or if it fit kind of odd, just becuase it was $15?

drollgirl said...

SCORE! bury that guilt! $15 for dkny?!?!? THAT IS A STEAL! RADICAL!

and i love your necklace!

Taylor said...

That surpasses the deal of the year and maybe qualifies as the deal of the DECADE. No guilt!

Sheila said...

Oh, that is beautiful. What a gorgeous colour on you, too.

You know, we should never feel guilty about spending our own money. It's ours, we earned it. If we choose to spend it on clothes, that is our right. Don't beat yourself up over it, hon.

B a la Moda said...

It is a beautiful way to commit sin. :)

B* a la Moda

Is ♥ La 5th con Bleecker st. said...

es q a ese precio, quien se resiste! muy bonito! gracias por tu comentario, me alegro q pueda llegar a transmitir sensaciones. besos!