I, the landlord...

We are many things in this world.
It all depends to whom.
For example I am a daughter for my mother, a wife for my H, an employee at the company I work for (yes, I am still in the perfume industry).
I am another blogger to you (the one with the blurry face), a friend, a bitch, a nagger, it all depends who is on the other side.
I am also a landlord and here is my rant:
About 2 or 3 years ago my grandmother bought a small apartment.
Its a one bedroom apartment in the city - the not so good part of the city.
The building is from the 40's and it only has 8 apartments.
After grandma bought it she realized that she really could not afford it.
It was not just the $, but also the work that goes with it, as renting, paying maintenance fees and so on.
She was about to sell it until we came to an agreement 
and I would pay for it.
I did not include my H in anything related to this purchase 
and today it is a blurry subject we do not address 
because the property is titled only to me.
Anything else we own is under both our names.
I saw it as a good investment opportunity.
What if he kicks me in the butt someday ?
Gotta have something to fall on, right ?
Long story short I bought it and rented it to a woman that 
seemed like someone who needed a chance.
Stupid me for being thoughtful and nice.
She is a single parent with 4 kids.
I did not "make" any money off of the rent, if you know what I mean.
Her rent was exactly the amount that had to be paid to the bank each month.
So out of my pocket came the maintenance fees.
It was ok for about 6 months.
"OK" meaning that all I had from other tenants was that she and her children were too loud, oh ! and that they practiced voodoo.
Then she stopped paying.
I called her to death on the cel phone, she never answered.
Left messages.
God knows I was patient.
I went there (remember it's not very safe) and she was rude.
I spoke to her mother, nothing.
So, nice and stupid me had to hire a lawyer.
Yes, more $.
So here I am paying for a lawyer, the mortgage and the maintenance fees - for now let's ignore the property taxes.
The woman has been living there for free for almost a year.
The law here in regards to homeowners and renters SUCKS.
According to the lawyer this should be over soon.
Just last week she was notified that she HAD to leave the apartment.
If she doesn't the next step is for the POLICE to physically throw her out.
At that moment I will be a bitch to her.
The only thing that scares me a little is that I have to 
be there when that happens.
To be honest it is one of the reasons I am writing this post.
I fear for my safety.
Yes people, this is not over.
But, while THAT day arrives, here is what I wore:
- Black trousers
- Pink and black striped top Forever 21
- Black padded cropped jacket Forever 21
- Black pumps Bata
- Burgundy padded handbag
- Silver bracelets F21
I will let you know how it turns out..


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Oh I feel for you. Take care and lets hope it is all over soon.

Jane W. said...

Dear lord. Please be careful!

Bombshellicious said...

Oufit looks lovely, sorry for the situation u find yourself in, hope it gets resolved soon xx

Carla said...

lovely top!!
about ur situation im sorry!
hope it gets resolved!
My parents were in a similar situation with some properties they own in italy!
PPl that lived there stayed there practically for free for 4 years!

Brittany D'Lynne said...

Ugh, good luck. They say that as we get older, we become jaded...but getting older is really just a coincidence and not the reason. We learn lessons in life that teach us that not everyone follows that Golden Rule. I hope it works out soon...and smoothly, with little police action and no voodoo :)

hillary said...

Dude I hope it ends soon. URg you have every right to be livid. I know it doesn't always help on the moment but karma is a bitch. She will get hers in the end.

Bug said...

Oh sorry to hear that - be careful! I love your striped top, very cute.


Delane said...

Oh.My.God. That is sooo awful. That has to be so stressful, now wonder you face is blurry all the time, its from the stress. Just Kidding. Really, that totally blows.

drollgirl said...

oh god. what a horrible tenant. ack! i have always heard that being a landlord is a pain in the ass.

p.s. i am a good tenant. i always pay on time. i try not to bug the landlord. just in case you were worried, i thought i'd tell you this.

The Literary Landlady said...

Yikes! Try to be nice, and life bites you back. My nightmare tenants were hockey players. (What was I thinking?) Eviction wasn't practical: I paid them to leave. Now I know who to stay away from and life has been calm.