I forgot to shave

Yes, I forgot to shave my legs today.
If anyone is critical about these things, it's me.
How could I forget ?
Well, it could be because I was watching the Argentina-Korea soccer match, 
or maybe because I had to go my grandmother's house before going to work.
Maybe because I was folding towels and asking my H to pick up!
It can also be because I ran around the house looking for 
another good place to take my pictures, which took me to
the usual place: the balcony.
- Grey dress MNG Suit
- Yellow short sleeve cardigan Laura Petites
- Purple belt
- Turquoise belt Forever 21
- Colorful flats Bamboo
- Fuchsia tote Neiman Marcus (gift from mom)
I liked how the plain dress became alive with 
dashes of color everywhere.
I am specially fond of the 2 belts.
Have you worn 2 belts before ?
Oh, and I had to share this with you...
I decided to leave my car at home today.
Passing by my car before leaving I see this 
cat dude peacefully sleeping on my SOFT TOP!!
This is the soft top I worry about because the back 
window and the top are not sticking together...
Garfield dude, find yourself another place to nap!


Sheila said...

Ha, that cat looks annoyed!

Eh, I don't shave my legs every day (twice a week), and really, no one will notice.

I love the 2 belts! I saw 3 really skinny belts braided in a store the other day. I've never done it, but I might have to borrow this idea!

Meli22 said...

I seriously love your punches of color! I want your belts.... AHORA MISMO!

I need to start adding color into my accessories! LOVE those flats pulling everything together BTW!


Qué chulada de zapatos, y me encanta la idea de poner dos cinturones de distintos colores, me gusta mucho :)


Delane said...

you look like a rainbow today (in a good way). I love the color.

Carla said...

love the 2 belts together!!!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

What a great idea to add colour with the belts. A real winner.

KATHY said...

Los accesorios hoy estan divinos..bien coloridos..

ahhh un CAT..love..love cat!!!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

LOL! i forget to shave all of the time! at least it doesn't show in your pictures. ;-)
xox alison

Jen said...

You are so funny!! Isn't it crazy how we will spend so much time picking out the best outfits and then we forget to shave our bare legs? Ugghhh, that's so frustrating!!