No father's day celebration here as there is no father.
Even though I say to myself I am so past that stage where I don't care about my father I know that inside me there is a little pain left.
My father walked off the moment he knew I was going to be born.
Before I was even born he married and started his own family.
I never received anything from him: 
no visits, no calls, no pictures, no economic support.
I know my mom had it tough.
But, she had the support of her parents.
My father's day celebration always revolved around my grandfather. 
He passed away on June 27th - almost 8 years ago.
Every time this day comes around I always remember that 
last father's day we had together.
I remember I had bought him a shirt as a present and 
that he put it on immediately.
This was kind of odd for me as the shirt was wrinkled from the box 
and he was the type who ironed everything.
His mom had taught him to to iron and he was really good at it.
Many, many times while growing up in his home he ironed my clothes in the morning before I went to school.
Little did I know, he was not feeling well.
He was the kind of grandpa who would wash you car, make you delicious sandwiches, watch the Road Runner until he cried laughing.
He also loved Bugs Bunny.
He was the guy who made for me  a dream come true wooden doll house, drove me to visit my boyfriend and 
who along with grandma bought me my first car.
He would pick me up from school when I missed the bus and after track practice. 
He took care of my car when it broke down, took me to the beach and to swimming lessons.
He was a father to me.
He was going to take me down the aisle at my wedding but his heart stopped beating a few months before that happened.
If you have a father, make that phone call pay that visit.
So wherever you are grandpa, 
I love you.
Happy Fathers Day
¡Feliz día Abuelito!


drollgirl said...

your real father totally blew it. i don't know if he can ever patch things up with you, or that you should ever give him that chance if he is willing to try.

i am so glad you had such an amazing grandfather. what a man!

Sheila said...

Aw, what a lovely tribute to your grandfather, Lorena!

My dad has been dead for nearly 13 years, as has my grandad. I don't have any other father figures in my life.

Taylor said...

This made me tear up! I am so glad your grandfather was such an amazing presence in your life. My oldest son's bio father has never met him and has denied his existence from day one - well, before day one, I suppose - when I told him I was pregnant. What a loser. My son is VERY lucky to have my dad (his Papa) in his life too!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Such a moving post and I am so glad you had a special father figure in your life. WE celebrated Father's Day with a barbecue in the garden for my husband and my father.

B a la Moda said...

You have the same story as one of my best friends. Thank God grandpa exists!

B* a la Moda

hillary said...

Oh hun I am so sorry. I can't imagine how this all feels. I had shaky dad's as a kid and my grandfather was a father to me. Like yours he was the one who was actually there to do everything when my father wasn't.

I hope you know he MISSED OUT! if he can't appreciate you then he doesn't deserve you.

Bombshellicious said...

I agree it was a lovely post about your grandfather you must have loved him so much.
My father sadly died a long long time ago he was younger than me when he died and I feel so sad that he didnt get to fufil his life xx