Puppy Sighting...

I know that my two maltese girls are no longer puppies. 
Vanilla is 5 and her daughter Marshmallow is 2, 
but they continue to act like they are...
Could it be that they are spoiled ?

How could you not spoil a face like this ?

- White shirt with shoulder lace detail F21 (San Francisco)
- Brown pants GAP (Los Angeles)
- Brown heels Kenneth Cole Reaction
- Brown leather belt (souk in Marrakech)
- Jeans tote Xhilaration!
- White gold & diamond key (Christmas gift from H)


Carla said...

haha I love how ur dog is looking at u on the second pic =D

E said...

OH I love your bag!

Kristen said...

Awww, sweet doggies. Love that blouse too; the drawastrings at the neck are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful necklace! My dog is completely spoiled too, but I try and blame my husband for that :)