Vintage Milan

Printed maxi dress H&M, other cool maxi dresses here: palm print dress, dark florals, leopard print, cool geo prints 
Burgundy flats French Soles - Blue cross body bag Cole Haan, similar here - Sunglasses Céline, similar on sale

I'm slowly coming back. Bear with me. 
Sometime ago I mentioned I had accumulated vacation days, over forty days. So when a work trip to France was included in my agenda, I figured I'd leave a week early and give myself a tiny vacation. As you may have noticed in the two previous posts, my first destination was Milan. 
The city has things I love: history, architecture, fashion and vintage. 
I arrived in the midst of Milan Fashion Week so I got a glimpse of the streetwear, however the Milanese do not need Fashion Week to be on top of their dressing game. I do not think I have ever seen so many well dressed people, effortlessly. 
The day these shots were taken I was out on a private vintage shopping experience with an image consultant. Three hours dedicated to going through clothing from different eras, different lives. 
Estoy regresando, lentamente. 
Hace algún tiempo mencioné que tenía mas de cuarenta días de vacaciones por tomar. Así que cuando un viaje de trabajo a Francia surgió, me fui una semana antes para una mini vacación. Como han podido notar, en los últimos dos posts, mi primer destino fue Milán. 
Una ciudad que tiene cosas que adoro: historia, arquitectura, moda y vintage.
Llegué en medio de la Semana de la Moda de Milán, así que logré ver un poco del streetwear aunque los milaneses no necesitan que sea la Semana de la Moda para estar bien vestidos. Creo que jamás vi tanta gente junta tan bien vestida y sin mucho esfuerzo.
El día que se tomaron estas fotos estaba haciendo un recorrido privado con una consultora de imagen en tiendas vintage especializadas. Tres horas dedicadas a ver ropa de diferentes eras, diferentes vidas

Sforza Castle

Grey shirt dress Philip Lim for Target, almost identical here - Yellow vintage Armada scarf Hermes, sim
Blue cross body bag Cole Haan, sim - Burgundy flats French Soles, sim - Sunglasses Céline

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 

-Gustav Flaubert

Hello Milan

Black leggings Bershka, similar - Sequences scarf Hermès, almost identical 

 Blue and grey striped tee shirt Gap, similar here - Rust cardigan Loft, similar 

Blue crossbody bag Cole Haan, similar - Grey perforated flats Dr. Scholl's - Sunglasses Celine

Three planes, one train and a metro station later, I arrived to Milan. 
All of this adds to over twelve hours of travel, tons of stress as I had very little time for connections and had to take a train and a metro, both I am totally clueless in the usage of - thankfully it worked!
If you've been following my IG feed (on the right column of the blog) you may have already seen the few posts about my trip. 
As I arrived Milan, got to my Airbnb, dropped off my bags and took a long walk because if I don't, the 6 hour difference and jet lag would set in.
By the way its my first experience with Airbnb, have you used Airbnb?

Done with

Grey, black and white leopard print jumpsuit, similar - Rust cardigan Loft, similar on sale 
Black scalloped flats Sam Edelman, similar by H&M and on sale
Sunglasses Celine, similar
White quilted bag Dooney & Bourke

The moment I read leopard was back, even though it never left my closet, I began to search for those leopard print items I already own in order to bring them back in rotation.
You've already seen the post about the leopard print belt that fell apart and yesterday's shoes and necklace. Today, you're seeing the jumpsuit, now I don't know for how long because I think I'm done with it.


Linen shirt Olsen, similar in blue - Jeans H&M, similar
White quilted bag Dooney & Bourke - Leopard print flats Me Too, similar 
Leopard print flats Me Too, similar - Leopard print fabric necklace from Argentina

Gone are the days I cared about repeating a garment on the same week, this linen shirt made its second appearance this week to work and I did not even wash it. Totally shameless.

Just Me

Black wide leg trousers Metro Style -White lace shirt Forever 21, similar
Black quilted bag Dooney & Bourke
Black patent pointy shoes Zara

Pearl and gold bar earrings, similar

Happy Thursday !

Vintage Ferre

Brown vintage blazer GianFranco Ferré Studio another option by Ferre
Printed vintage skirt Wera Stockholm, another printed option here - White quilted bag Dooney & Bourke, here another quilted option
Beige button shirt Kenneth Cole, similar - Nude patent heels Flexi, similar on sale
Vintage gold tone medallion brooch, another medallion option
This vintage blazer was a purchase from the end of last year. Every time I tried it on I put it back in the closet as I was not sold (this happens too often).
Today it finally made it out the door, but as usual I am not too sure I will keep it. Maybe its the sleeve cuff, the fact that its snug or maybe that its just too long. We'll see. 


Black leggings Bershka, similar here  - Long linen shirt Olsen, here another option by Olsen
Black pony like hair flats Parfois, similar - White quilted bag Dooney & Bourke, another quilted option
Gold tone rope circle earrings, similar

I love linen. It's right for our hot humid weather, the fabric is exquisite and it just looks so classy. The downside is it looses its appeal after you sit down and it just wrinkles. I had forgotten why there were no linen garments in my closet, until I bought this shirt and wore it.

Do you do wear linen?

Add blazer

Grey blazer Suizie Shier, similar here - Peach polo, similar - Jeans Salt works 
Nude patent heels Flexi, similar

For me, blazers are incredibly important. Not only do they help keep warm, but also elevate any look without much effort. 
For example today, I honestly wanted to stay in and sleep because I have been sleep deprived these last weeks (that's another story). But staying home was not an option. 
I literally threw on a pair of jeans and a polo, this felt very "super casual Friday", and I needed it to look "Monday workwear".
So I added this grey blazer and while it did not take it from "super casual Friday" to "Monday workwear," it did take it to "casual Friday". One step up. It's just a blazer, don't expect miracles :) 
Para mi los blazer son importantes. No sólo ayudan a mantenernos abrigados, también elevan cualquier look sin mucho esfuerzo.
Por ejemplo hoy, me quería quedar en la casa durmiendo porque no he estado durmiendo bien (eso es otra historia). Pero quedarme en casa no era una opción.
Literalmente me tiré encima la camisa polo y los jeans, se sentía y veía de "viernes muy casual" y necesitaba que se viera como "lunes para trabajar".
Añadí el blazer y a pesar de que no lo llevó el look de "viernes muy casual" a "lunes para trabajar", lo llevo a "viernes casual". Un peldaño. Es sólo un blazer, no esperen milagros.

Pink Vintage

Pink strapless maxi dress, this long pink dress option is even better

Yellow vintage straw bag Barbara Lee made in Italy, this one would be a better match

When I purchased this dress I had nowhere to go with it. I liked the fabric, the color and the fact that it fit perfectly. So, I took it home and it hung there for months until today. 

Do you buy clothing with a specific purpose or just because?
Cuando compré este vestido no tenía ningún lugar específico para ir con el. Me gustó la tela, el color y el hecho de que me quedaba perfecto. Así que me lo llevé a casa en donde estuvo colgado hasta hoy.

¿Compras con un propósito específico en mente, o solo porque sí?

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Fake Suit

Chambray tencel blazer Gucci, identical here - Jeans H&M
Denim blazer - White quilted hand bag Dooney & Burke
Sunglasses Céline - Burgundy flats French Soles - Pink Barcelona tee shirt 

I bought a denim suit and only kept the blazer, because the pants did not fit. The blazer does not button but I just really wanted it and knew that if I did not buy it, I'd be regretting it. It's my second wear and I find it somewhat long. 
Today I found a pair of jeans in my closet that were an identical match to the denim colour, so I tried faking it, and wore it as a suit. Nobody bought it.
Compré un juego de saco de jeans y sólo me quedé con el saco porque los pantalones no me quedaron. El blazer no me abotona pero realmente lo quería y sabía que si no lo compraba me iba a arrepentir. Es su segunda puesta y me parece un poco largo. 
Hoy encontré un par de jeans en el armario que eran de color idéntico al tono del blazer, así que traté de hacer parecer que era un suit. Nadie lo creyó.

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Leopard Lines

Rust cardigan Loft - Black cropped trousers Mossimo - Black and white lines top Cover Stitched -
Quilted bag Dooney & Burke
Vintage Roman coin cuffs, similar but pricey 
Leopard print belt, another leopard print belt option under 10.00 USD
Black quilted flats

Just like the other day I chose to wear a snake print cardigan because I read somewhere the trend was back, well today I did the same for leopard print as it was the "next big thing" (again). 
So I went for my leather leopard print belt and happily mixed it up with a striped top, only to realise halfway through the day that the belt was slowly falling apart. 

When was the last time you wore something that basically fell apart on the spot?
Así como el otro día escogí ponerme un cardigan con estampado de culebra porque leí en algún lugar que era tendencia, hoy hice lo mismo con el estampado de leopardo, pues resulta que leopardo es "lo mas in" (otra vez).
Busqué my cinturón ancho de cuero con estampado de leopardo y alegremente lo mezclé con una camisa de rayas, solo para darme cuenta a la mitad del día que poco a poco el cinturón se había empezado a desintegrar. 

¿Cuándo fue la ultima vez que mientras llevabas algo puesto se empezó a deshacer?

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Garnet cluster

Black wide leg trousers Metro Style, similar under 12.00 USD 
Burgundy vintage hand made bow shirt, love this affordable vintage like option 
Vintage garnet brooch, very similar options here and here
Black Gucci horsebit peep toe heels, similar

You've seen this garnet brooch before, it was part of several vintage pieces I received from my great aunt. 

It was missing a garnet stone on the bottom part, while I could have lived with it, I really cannot. Every time I grabbed it I thought "its missing a stone, if I notice, everyone else does too".

I am the person who looks at an amazing post, with the best location and styling, most marvellous and well fitting garments but see a bra strap peek or a vintage Chanel brooch that is missing a pearl. I have written about this before, as I have yet to define if it's a blessing or a burden.

So I took the brooch half way around the world for repair and I found a local jeweller who found just the right stone to set and fill that empty space.

It's so perfect that I can't even tell which one it was..
Han visto este prendedor antes, es parte de un grupo de piezas vintage que me regaló mi tía abuela. 
Le hacía falta un granate en la parte de abajo, pude haberlo dejado así, pero realmente no. Cada vez que lo veía pensaba "le hace falta un granate, si yo me do cuenta, los demás también".

Soy de las personas que miran un post maravilloso, con la mejor locación y estilismo, las prendas mas hermosas y con entalle perfecto. Al segundo detecto que se ve la tira del brassiere o que al broche vintage Chanel le hace falta una perla. Ya he escrito sobre este tema antes, aún no he determinado si es una bendición ó una carga. 

Después de llevar el prendedor alrededor del mundo para que lo repararan, encontré un joyero local, quien encontró un granate del tamaño exacto.

Es tan perfecto que ni sé cuál fue...