September Closet Edits

Edits this month begin with a leopard belt. Now that it's "trending" I chose to wear it and guess what? It began to peel, so off it goes. I was quite upset. Also out of the closet is my big jade teardrop necklace that I am over with. 

My brown Bandolino ankle boots, been to at least 4 continents and worn at least 10 times. I have no idea the CPW as they're much likely pre blog. They're really worn out, more on the inside than on the outside. These were so comfortable but it was time to let go. It's one of my last pair of boots. The only other boots I own are rain boots and snow boots.
Also out are my grey velvet flats by Presumidas. 0.26 cents per wear. 

My LuckyCom yellow blouse purchased in 2013. Worn over 17 times, taking CPW to about 0.50 cents. It began to pill, had pulls on the fabric and stains on the inside of the collar.


Five edits for September. How are your closet edits coming along?

September Closet Additions

September was complicated. I shopped pre travel and then more during the travel, so here it is:

Black long sleeve burgundy and black wool dress Ralph Lauren, on sale from 100.00 USD to 10.70 USD, I needed a long sleeve work dress for this trip. Cee Cee black slip dress also on sale for 6.50 USD.


Three pairs of trousers: one black cropped from Zara for 32.10 USD, a burgundy and a blue on white printed pair. These last two were 13.55 USD each, no brand tag.

Cover Stitched white stripes /lines top this 8.00 USD

During my trip to Milan I bought shoes, three pairs: One block heel off white Ricatti 19.00 USD. Another orange pointy heel pair 19.00 USD and a pewter silver block heel loafer 37.00 USD. 


I fell for bags too. One supple caramel quilted leather tote bag with chain at a street market for 27.00 USD. Another by a local brand, Gabs 61.00 USD, I call it the transformer of all hand bags, in another post I'll show why. 

Yet another find was this black patent Furla hand bag for 12.85 USD

I took a vintage shopping experience with a personal buyer in Milan, out of that particular morning came these two vintage Dior sunglasses for 18.20 USD each.

Gold mustard knit top Blue Sand 7.00 USD and a printed Blue Sand maxi dress 8.68 USD


Gifted red tassel earrings

Not pictured:
One pair of Céline sunglasses 195.00 USD
A blue Karen Millen two piece wool suit 10.70 USD

Estimate total 518.03

La Croisette

Blue striped ruffle sweater Beulah, love this cardi version - White shorts Levine, sim on sale 
Blue cross body bag Cole Haan, similar - Céline sunglasses, similar
Burgundy flats French Soles, sim - Yellow Armada vintage Hermès scarf, identical in blue

If you follow my IG (link on the right column) you have already seen these pictures. A Sunday walk on La Croisette, a visit to the local fruit market for plump green grapes, a crispy nutty salad for lunch  followed by hours at a small, but probably the most luxurious vintage, thus expensive, street market I have ever seen. Not to be show off but I have seen vintage markets of all kinds in many places and was totally flabbergasted here. 

What was street or vintage market you were most impressed by and why? 

Le Suquet

Gold mustard crochet tank top Blue Sand, similar - Side stripe black trousers Saturday by Kate Spade, similar
Black tote bag Furla, similar - Yellow vintage Armada Hermès scarf, identical in blue 

An evening walk through the tiny roads of old town Cannes and dinner at Le Suquet was the way to end the day. Lately all days seem to be an "all you can eat experience". So I really need the walks considering the amounts of food I am consuming. Soon I'll be home giving second thoughts to it all.  

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Corso Garibaldi

Black trousers with side stripe Saturday Kate Spade, similar - White tee shirt No a la Reelección -
Black and white print bomber jacket Hello Kitty Forever 21, Mickey Mouse version here
Grey perforated flats Dr. Scholl's - Blue cross body bag Cole Haan - Céline sunglasses

I lived my days in Milan out of an Airbnb on Corso Garibaldi. I walked the city non stop, counting up to over 36 thousand steps a day and multiple band aids to prove the journey on my beat up feet. Visited a copious amount of shops looking for Italian made shoes and handbags. Had the most amazing burrata cheese from Eataly, devoured freshly made pizza, ate gelato every opportunity I had. 

Every step I took I thought about pinching myself, I could not believe I was there, I cannot be more grateful.

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Via Tortona

Black slip dress Cece, similar on sale  - Black and white Hello Kitty Bomber jacket Forever 21, similar
Yellow vintage Armada scarf Hermès, sim - Blue cross body bag Cole Haan - Grey perforated suede flats Dr. Scholl's  

I cannot recall the exact name of the street I took this picture at, but it was close to Via Tortona, that I am sure. 
I was walking to Armani Silos a museum dedicated, of course to Giorgio Armani. After a few hours in there I realised that I am not an Armani fan. 
Just because it's "designer" does not mean you have to like it or even wear it. Criteria.
No les puedo decir el nombre exacto de la calle en donde tomé esta foto, pero fue cerca de la Vía Tortona, de eso estoy segura.
Estaba caminando hacia Armani Silos, un museo dedicado a Giorgio Armani, obviamente. Después de pasar un par de horas allí dentro me di cuenta de que no soy fan de Armani.
Simplemente porque una pieza es de "diseñador" no significa que te tenga que gustar, ni que te la tengas que poner. Criterio.

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Vintage Milan

Printed maxi dress H&M, other cool maxi dresses here: palm print dress, dark florals, leopard print, cool geo prints 
Burgundy flats French Soles - Blue cross body bag Cole Haan, similar here - Sunglasses Céline, similar on sale

I'm slowly coming back. Bear with me. 
Sometime ago I mentioned I had accumulated vacation days, over forty days. So when a work trip to France was included in my agenda, I figured I'd leave a week early and give myself a tiny vacation. As you may have noticed in the two previous posts, my first destination was Milan. 
The city has things I love: history, architecture, fashion and vintage. 
I arrived in the midst of Milan Fashion Week so I got a glimpse of the streetwear, however the Milanese do not need Fashion Week to be on top of their dressing game. I do not think I have ever seen so many well dressed people, effortlessly. 
The day these shots were taken I was out on a private vintage shopping experience with an image consultant. Three hours dedicated to going through clothing from different eras, different lives. 
Estoy regresando, lentamente. 
Hace algún tiempo mencioné que tenía mas de cuarenta días de vacaciones por tomar. Así que cuando un viaje de trabajo a Francia surgió, me fui una semana antes para una mini vacación. Como han podido notar, en los últimos dos posts, mi primer destino fue Milán. 
Una ciudad que tiene cosas que adoro: historia, arquitectura, moda y vintage.
Llegué en medio de la Semana de la Moda de Milán, así que logré ver un poco del streetwear aunque los milaneses no necesitan que sea la Semana de la Moda para estar bien vestidos. Creo que jamás vi tanta gente junta tan bien vestida y sin mucho esfuerzo.
El día que se tomaron estas fotos estaba haciendo un recorrido privado con una consultora de imagen en tiendas vintage especializadas. Tres horas dedicadas a ver ropa de diferentes eras, diferentes vidas

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Sforza Castle

Grey shirt dress Philip Lim for Target, almost identical here - Yellow vintage Armada scarf Hermes, sim
Blue cross body bag Cole Haan, sim - Burgundy flats French Soles, sim - Sunglasses Céline

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 

-Gustav Flaubert

Hello Milan

Black leggings Bershka, similar - Sequences scarf Hermès, almost identical 

 Blue and grey striped tee shirt Gap, similar here - Rust cardigan Loft, similar 

Blue crossbody bag Cole Haan, similar - Grey perforated flats Dr. Scholl's - Sunglasses Celine

Three planes, one train and a metro station later, I arrived to Milan. 
All of this adds to over twelve hours of travel, tons of stress as I had very little time for connections and had to take a train and a metro, both I am totally clueless in the usage of - thankfully it worked!
If you've been following my IG feed (on the right column of the blog) you may have already seen the few posts about my trip. 
As I arrived Milan, got to my Airbnb, dropped off my bags and took a long walk because if I don't, the 6 hour difference and jet lag would set in.
By the way its my first experience with Airbnb, have you used Airbnb?

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Done with

Grey, black and white leopard print jumpsuit Say Me, similar - Rust cardigan Loft, similar on sale 
Black scalloped flats Sam Edelman, similar by H&M and on sale
Sunglasses Celine, similar
White quilted bag Dooney & Bourke

The moment I read leopard was back, even though it never left my closet, I began to search for those leopard print items I already own in order to bring them back in rotation.
You've already seen the post about the leopard print belt that fell apart and yesterday's shoes and necklace. Today, you're seeing the jumpsuit, now I don't know for how long because I think I'm done with it.

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Linen shirt Olsen, similar in blue - Jeans H&M, similar
White quilted bag Dooney & Bourke - Leopard print flats Me Too, similar 
Leopard print flats Me Too, similar - Leopard print fabric necklace from Argentina

Gone are the days I cared about repeating a garment on the same week, this linen shirt made its second appearance this week to work and I did not even wash it. Totally shameless.