July Additions to the Closet

Reiss dress with a 230.00 USD price tag, I paid 1.07 USD 
Maurizio Pecoraro Skirt 
Paula Cahen d'Anvers skirt 
Red tie dye skirt and blazer by Gigli, 3.21 USD 


Three cool dresses.
For all of the above I paid 1.07 USD per item.

Dooney & Burke 13.95 USD
Cristian Italian vintage hand bag 7.50
Straw hand bag 4.30 USD
Brown, black and blue vintage houndstooth print bow blouse (no brand, Angel View consignment) 5.35 USD and Pink Tartan, fringe bow blouse  for 8.60 USD.


Two vintage silk scarves, the blue and red with no brand name was 1.07 USD and the oversized flower print is vintage Oscar de La Renta, 3.21 USD.

Not pictured: Marni top 5.35 USD and Blue shirt HDM.

57.89 USD

July Closet Editions

This month I had very few edits, without further ado:  A blue stripe button down shirt from Lacoste, worn maybe 5 times, I always felt like the button was about to pop, so it's going to the consignment shop. My Custo Barcelona bow top was a pricey purchase but looking back I've worn it maybe 6 times and always the exact same way: white or black trousers. I don't need a uniform, off to the consignment shop it goes. The last top is another grey polo from Lacoste, I do not feel comfortable in as its too tight. 


From the jeans department goes this Level 99 pair. I bought it without trying on, wore it 3 times and then just gave up. It looked bad. My pair of grey Converse like sneakers by H&M also left the closet as they begun to fall apart. Bought them in Amsterdam back in 2013, wore them briefly. 


Finally two leather handbags, the metallic satchel from Stella Rittwagen and my bright Kate Spade. I figured I'd let them go to a new home, as I have several closets at home packed with handbags and I just realised I cannot have that many, it's not manageable.


7 Items in one month. How are your closet edits coming along?


Jeans Unionbay, almost identical
Grey blazer Suzie Shier, almost identical here 
Grey perforated flats Dr. Scholl's
Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino, similar
Green gingham shirt Gap, similar 

Silver medallion oval earrings similar expensive, similar affordable - Square setting white gold ring, similar

The tittle of this post is how I felt all day long: totally disheveled. Untucked shirt, overflowing sleeves, unbuttoned cuffs. Unkept, bedraggled.
How do you think you look today ?

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Day 1: 9 years ago

Nine years ago today.  This is one of my first blog posts and actually the first outfit I ever posted. None of the items I am wearing are still around. Wait. I'll take that back, the watch and rings are ;) 
I you asked me then if I'd be blogging 9 years later I honestly do not know what I would have answered, regardless I still am. I have never stopped enjoying it, which is why I continue to do so. 
Going back to that post, the one thing that made me smile the most was the fact that Sheila from the blog SheilaEphemera was my sole commenter. Thank you Sheila for being there all the way !


Te Odio Luisito Rey black tee shirt, similar here 
Jeans Saltworks
Red block heel Zara, similar - Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino, similar
A few years ago after being disappointed at what my local cable company offered we chose to just drop it.  As a substitute we got Netflix and never went back to cable television. 
My current obsession is "Luis Miguel, La Serie" a series about the childhood of a very well known Latin American singer, the tee shirt I am wearing is allusive to it, specifically the bad guy.  In this case, the bad guy is the singer's father named Luisito Rey. This guy removed his son from elementary school, drugged young Luis Miguel to have energy for more concerts/performances/movies and walked away with his son's entire fortune (millions). Luisito exploited his son, his son supported the entire family. The tee shirt reads "I hate you Luisito Rey" and I am wearing it hoping for the next season to start soon.
What are you currently watching ?

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Casual vs Formal

Telephone print big bow blouse Sister Jane, here affordable bow blouse option 
Yellow jeans Kayden K,  I prefer these similar ones, they have a better cut
Black flats Me Too, identical - Double G belt, similar 
Big bow print blouse Sister Jane, sim - Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino - Amethyst and ruby gold ring, sim

Bow blouses tend to give a formal vibe, so I thought I'd tone it down by wearing it with yellow denim. 
I should have probably let the blouse be and not tuck it in. The way I dress is more on the formal side. Wish it wasn't because I do not let clothes be and don't allow other styling possibilities.  
Are you more on the easy going casual wear side or are you more of a formal gal?

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Old Acquaintances

Black trousers Red Valentino, identical here 
Blue, red, white print blouse Spring 2015 Pink Tartan, dress with the same print here, love this big bow option
SJP Sarah Jessica Parker Purple suede block shoes, similar 

Blue, red, white print blouse with fringe bow Pink Tartan, love this big bow option 
Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino, similar here

Do you often run into people you have not seen in ages?  When you say hi to someone and tell them where you know them from and they look at you with a blank face what do you do?
The other day I saw someone I had not seen in at least 15 years. I had contact with this person in college where we were in class together and then years later we indirectly worked together. 
When we were introduced, I candidly said to we know each other from college and then as I saw the blank face I added and we worked with this person and this brand. Long blank stare. I did not insist. Then colleagues I was with continued to chat and this person did not even look at me.  
What would you have done? What do you think of this?

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Fake pearls

Pink pleated dress Forever 21, similar but expensive  vs similar affordable - Metallic satchel Stella Rittwagen, similar
Black flower print block heels Zara, great kitten heel option under 20.00 USD
White pearl neckalce Forever 21, here beautiful option on sale under 3.00 USD
It may seem odd that exactly the day after I assisted a jewellery appreciation class, I chose to wear my fake pearls from Forever 21. 
Sometimes it takes me time to process and actually put into action what I have learned. I've begun to reconsider my pearl collection, which I may share with you in a future post. In the meantime, I'll just wear what I have. 


Purple and pink print vintage dress, similar if you are drunk
Metallic satchel Stella Rittwagen, love this one on sale 
Mustard suede peep toe block heel shoes Zara, similar - Sunglasses Nine West
Amethyst, rubies and gold ring, similar 
I have been wearing jewellery all my life. My ears were pierced when I was born and that's where it all began. I feel like I am missing something if I am not wearing earrings and if I forget to wear my rings I will be touching my fingers all day long. I feel naked without them. 
So it was a no brainer when I had the opportunity to assist a jewellery appreciation course at a local antiques and jewellery store. 
We talked about gold, silver, rhodium, diamonds, rubies, amethysts. Cuts, karats, colours. Victorian, vintage, art deco.
What's you're take on jewellery?  Yay or nay?