New in the closet

1. White culotte trousers Uniqlo 1.07 USD, similar
2. Long rust cardigan LOFT 7.50 USD, similar
3. Hand made vintage burgundy bow shirt 2.50 USD 
4. Printed top with velvet ribbon Sister Jane 8.00 USD

5. Vintage printed dress Emilio Pucci 23.55 USD, another Pucci
6. Flower and fruit printed black dress Emanuel Ungaro 4.50 USD 
7. Light blue and polka dot slip dress Nina Angel 1.07 USD

7. Black peep toe horse bit heels Vernice Floyd Gucci  21.40 USD, identical here
8. Black peep toe straw and leather heels with fruit decor Cheap and Chic Moschino 12.85 USD

9. Cream textile and purple leather bucket bag with tassel Coach 9.65 USD 
10. Argentinian vintage black leather square hand bag 2.50 USD
11. Brown hobo hand bag Balzane Longchamp 107.00 USD


12. Vintage bronze key cuff 7.00 USD, similar 
13. Serpentina hand made mini mandala bead necklace 3.00 USD
14. Silk Otomi Mexican doll print poncho Pineda Covalin 3.21 USD (below left), similar
15. Two piece denim tencel pant and blazer suit Gucci 53.50 USD (not pictured) identical
16. Purple satin long sleeve button down purple shirt Moschino 13.91 USD (above)

This is what happens when you travel. Total 282.22 USD

June edits

Let's edit, just this time with the brain and not the heart.  
Out goes my new denim flare skirt from In Style, it had an odd length, was a bit big, had a hole and a yellow paint stain at the seam. At 1.07 USD CPW, it was worth the try.
Also out is this Byblos brand Italian made tulip skirt purchased in 2016. I  never wore it, tried it one at least 5 times, I just gave up on it. 


Also out of the closet are this bright see through top, brand seems to read J-Teal it been around since at least 2010 and now the neckline seems faded. Also gone is a blue and white polk dot sweater from Liz Claiborne, here you can see how it was worn to 0.75 cents CPW. 
The vintage silk turquoise top I bought a few months ago had tiny holes and it fit kind of slouchy. But I loved the color, about a 0.50 cent CWP is ok.
Two black dresses: 
A side drape sleeveless black one from MNG Mango which I only wore once here. It was a bit big as I got it for free from my cousin's Marie Kondo edit months ago, now it's on the way to the consignment shop.
A long sleeve velvet dress from Anne Klein, I bought this dress in September 2015 and it hung there until the end of 2017 when I wore to an event here, it never appeared on the blog (CPW 21.40 USD). It looked and felt one size too big. I did not love it enough to have it altered.This velvet dress is actually already in the consignment shop.


Also already consigned are my Adolfo Dominguez sandals purchased in 2014, worn just over 8 times in 4 years, at 1.87 USD CPW I thought it was time to let go. The ankle straps seemed somewhat big and I did not wear them enough.
Same goes for the vintage Emanuel Ungaro belt. I bought it in March 2018 but it was a size smaller than what I normally wear. Hopefully I can get my 2.14 USD back :) 


Nine items out this month.

How are your closet edits coming along ?

Give up jeans

Jeans Level 99, identical - White tee shirt Theory - Brown hand bag Balzane Longchamp, from the brand under 60.00 USD

Vintage houndstooth mini scarf as bracelet, similar  - Bee Happy blue flats C. Wonder

I bought these jeans a few months ago without trying them on and when I did try them on, they did not fit. They were too tight and I was upset and forgot to return them. Then I shed some pounds and they fit. I was happy they fit but they still did not look good, I wanted for them to look like they look on the model
I've worn them three times including today and they just do not look good on me, but I keep on trying. After today's look, I might just give up on them. 

What was the last garment from your closet you gave up on ? Why ?

Scarf Bow

Black trousers Mario Serrani, similar control top ones here - Pink scallop collar top Forever 21, I'd LOVE to have this one
Long rust cardigan LOFT, identical without buttons - Black ankle strap flats Wendell by Vince Camuto, similar
Brown bag Balzane Longchamp
Vintage long silk scarf worn as bow Liz Claiborne, similar here

Sometimes I totally forget about the dozens of scarves I have in my closet. I promise one of these days I will count them.

Now, with the recent acquisition of this rust toned cardigan, which perfectly matched the scarf, it made sense to wear them together. I've had this happen lately, with a new garment in the closet, old ones are brought back into rotation. 

I have to admit I totally loved the scarf bow look. 


Black dress H&M, here another black dress to go to for just 8.00 USD 
Burgundy bow flats Isola, similar under 25.00 USD - Brown Balzane bag Longchamp, here matching wallet
Tassel and rhinestone earrings - Balzane Longchamp hand bag, here another Longchamp for just 25.00 USD

Shirt calling

Red jeans Bandolino, similar - School Boy navy blazer J. Crew, almost identical
Telephone print bow blouse Sister Jane, here cool one by MNG Mango - Bee Happy blue flats C. Wonder, in cream here
Dooney & Bourke All Leather Weather vintage hand bag, in black from the same collection

Linking to On The Edge + Summer Link up

Rust cardigan

Navy trousers Jones New York, similar - Mint zip top Forever 21, similar
Rust cardigan Loft, almost identical - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors - Hand bag vintage Dooney & Bourke, similar

Blue Bee Happy loafers C. Wonder, identical in cream - Gold ruby and amethyst ring, similar 

Way back at the beginning of the blog I went through a "rust phase". I bought anything that came across my path that was rust toned. Now almost everything from that phase is long gone, so when I came across this long rust shade cardigan from the Loft I thought it would be a good addition to my closet. 

The difference between today and those days is that today I bought it because I liked it and not because it was "on trend". 

How about you? Was your last item purchased because it was "on trend" or because you genuinely liked it?

Exactly Eight

Original post
I thought I would go back and check what I was wearing exactly eight years ago today and see what items are still around. Just two items are still in my closet: the watch and the flower necklace. Everything else has been edited. 

In regards to style changing, I would never ever today, wear flip flops to work.

If you looked back into what you were wearing eight years ago, how many items do you think you'd still have around? Is there an item you wore 8 years ago that you would not wear today?

My Blog Sold

My main interest with this blog/hobby is to be inspired and be part of an amazing community that shares the same interests and provides encouragement. During all of these years I can only say good things about it and that it's been a truly rewarding experience. 

However, sometime last year I thought I'd add links in case you were interested in finding something similar or identical to what I was wearing, as most if the time when I like something another blogger is wearing I look it up or click their link button to take me to it. I thought I'd so the same.

As you are aware often these links can lead to earn a minimal commission, while others to none. 

So, I began to link. A few sales were then made and I thought I'd share the first 3 items that have been sold and what I've earned.

1. Men's houndstooth print vintage blazer almost identical to the one on picture above, I earned cero. 

2. Bug earrings, earned 0.03 USD.

3. Grey slip on shoes, earned 0.03 USD.

All I can say is that when you do something without expecting anything in return, is because you truly love it ;)