What's new in May

Black Clove ankle strap sandal Badgley Mischka 10.70 USD, identical pair here 
Black tank Alexander Wang 2.08 USD, identical - Metallic grey print button down shirt Silvia Tscherassi 12.90 USD

Lady Carol of New York vintage dress 1.07 USD, similar
Green gingham button down shirt Gap HMD, similar - Olson linen shirt 7.50 USD

Black silk vintage top Silk House 1.07 USD - Grey and navy striped tee shirt GAP HMD
 Nameless brand paint brush stroke blazer HMD - Cole Haan signature trench 42.80 USD, identical here

Reversible vintage navy belt Laurel 5.25 USD
Unknown brand vintage gold belt 7.44 USD

May total 90.81 USD 

P.S. HMD = Hand Me Down = Free!

May's Closet Editions

If you haven't been here before, well at the end of every month I do my closet edits. I make a list of all those items that leave my closet and make a note to why the item is leaving. Here's what left the closet, either to be donated or consigned. 

First runner up is this white cotton ENC blazer, it has been around since the early days of this blog. Worn at least 15 times on the blog, I think its served its purpose. While I do not recall the original price tag, I am sure I got a good cost per wear.  

Also being edited from the closet is this pair of bermuda shorts by Solutions, often worn with above blazer, it's also been around for a while. Always a bit snug at the waist, the fabric began to look bad and I also think that after over 9 wears, its served its purpose. Also leaving are these pink Lacoste shorts, they've been worn at least 15 times since 2010 and on the last wear I realised they had a stain.

Another item is this green silk sleeveless dress made by J. Jill, worn at least 11 times since 2010, a 0.40 cent cost per wear seems like a good deal. The Go International extra large houndstooth black and white tee shirt dates to 2009, it's now worn out, probably because it's been worn at least 10 times since then.

These two blazers had a very short life span in my closet. Just two wears in a month and out. Happens the ethnic / Guatemalan fabric vintage blazer had an odd neckline I was not too keen on and the Nameless brand paintbrush strokes blazer had the oddest back to it and it just looked really unflattering when worn. I tried and did not succeed so off they go.
This white blazer with black piping by Suzy Shier that dates back to June 2014 was hard to let go of. This blazer fit perfectly but the fabric began to pile badly in certain places. Another item leaving is this satin pink star print top with pussy pow from H&M. It from 2011, worn at least seven times with an estimate cost per wear 3.60 USD, its leaving because I need to wear it with a strapless bra and it does not fit well.

The brown TRF Zara top made of wool had an unflattering neckline and it was not worn often, just twice in about ten years. Finally the two accessories below: a turquoise cross necklace purchased in 2013 and the gold tone half circle earrings. These got too little wear.


Twelve items in one month. How are your closet edits coming along?

Vintage brands

Blue pinstripe trousers Pilar Rossi vintage, similar on sale here - Cream silk button down shirt Kenneth Cole, similar here
Wendell black akle strap flats Vince Camuto, similar here
Laurel navy blue vintage leather belt, another vintage belt from Laurel here 
Doctor's hand bag Baurisar, similar one here
I always enjoy the possibility of learning. While touring consignment shops, one of my favourite things to do when I find a garment I like of a new-to-me-brand is to read up on it.
For example the navy blue belt I am wearing today, I liked the buckle and the fact that the pristine leather was reversible, so I picked it up and when I read the name "Laurel" I immediately googled it, only to find out that Laurel is related to the Escada brand, one of my favourites.
The same goes for the trousers, these blue pinstripe wool striped pants are Italian made by the Pilar Rossi brand which I had never heard of either.
Interestingly both are still in business today. 
Have you discovered any new to you vintage brands lately ?

Things you should never do

White skirt Nine West, similar - Black blazer Nine West, similar at a superb price
Black velvet heel Juicy Couture, similar - Doctor's bag Baurisar
Grey and black top Custo Barcelona 
There are things that in my opinion, one should never do. One of them is to listen to WhatsApp voice messages or videos you have received while public and with a high volume sound. I usually give an evil eye... 
What do you think one should never do in public ?

Linnking to Shelbee's +  E&M

White blazer 7 ways

After exactly four years and seven wears this white Suzie Shier blazer is ready to move on. As much as I love it, its begun to pile in several places so I am letting it go. I got a good run out of it as cost per wear was under 1.00 USD. What are you editing this month? 



Overall story

Blue overall denim MNG Mango, similar here -  Top J teal 
Doctor bag Baurisar - Silk on shoes flats
I love denim overalls. That being said, I had an awful experience wearing these. I was just about to leave home and decided to have a quick stop at the bathroom. Sparing you the details, the denim strap and hook ended up inside the toilet bowl. Needless to say, I had to change.
What's your overall story ?

Outfits that fail

Level 99 jeans, similar rolled cuff option here - Black scallop flats Sam Edelman, similar - Baurisar doctor's bag 
Blue striped button shirt Lacoste almost identical - Blue and white polka dot sweater Liz Claiborne, almost identical
This is one of them: an outfit that failed. 
The shirt might me too snug, the jeans too low cut, the proportions seem to be off. I can't pin it down.
The reason I am posting is because when I look back I want to learn from mistakes (like I ever do) and in order to keep this real. 
What I wear here is what I wear in real life. No getting dressed for the blog, I dress for life and we fail at life too. Nothing is that perfect. 
What was your last failed outfit ? Did you post it?

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Friends who lie

Rainbow silk top Nancy Brunetz vintage, other vintage options here, here 
Black trousers Zara, similar here 
Yellow heels Tsubo, I'd love to replace mine with these - Black tote bag Furla 
Gold tone mesh belt vintage, brand unknown - similar vintage option here

I have a girl friend I've known for at least fifteen years. Sometimes she's been close, sometimes she drifts away but she is usually around.
The friends we have in common have always mentioned that she is a pathological liar.  I never paid much attention to it and just went along.
However a few weeks ago she called one evening and asked if I'd like to join her for dinner, so I did. She picked me up and we went to a new Italian joint. 
We got a table and started talking and suddenly I realised that at least 80% of the things she was saying were not true. Worst was that it made no sense, she was lying with no apparent reason.
She lied about her job, about a guy she was supposedly dating, about shopping she had done, about things she said I said but I did not. I go to a point I did not know what to say. 
Have you had to deal with compulsive liars? What are you supposed to do? Agree and pretend or just tell them off?


Black trousers Zara, similar slimming option here 
Black tote bag Furla, similar  - Black ankle wrap flats Wendell Vince Camuto, similar 
Metallic silver print bow wrap shirt Silvia Tcherassi, similar in white
Silver circle necklace Agatha Paris, identical here

I am frequently in Bogota, Colombia due to work related reasons. During my evening walks through the city I have found myself stop and stare at the same store window every.single.time. 
In a world where you've pretty much seen it all when it comes to fashion, this is something that does not happen often, at least not to me. 
The window that makes me stop is the Bogota Silvia Tcherassi store window. Her designs always have something special, wether its the fabric, a ruffle or a bow, she catches my attention
So it was a no brainer when this silver metallic print bow detail shirt and I crossed paths. It came home with me. 

Have you heard about this Colombian designer? What attracts you to a store window?