April: New in the closet

This month's haul is quite a mix. Some items came from consignment shops, thrift shop one dollar sales, on line, department store sales local or from Mexico and the US. Quite a mix, if I may say.

Soft grey Phantom pull up drawstring trousers Calvin Klein 4.26 USD, identical here - Level 99 distressed jeans 10.70 USD

In Style flare light denim midi skirt 1.07 USD - Sleek black Burberry zipper skirt 21.40 USD.

Off white vintage Chanel Camelia bag 26.75 USD 
Silk turquoise houndstooth print blouse 1.07 USD - Striped no brand sweater 1.07 USD - Off white button down shirt Kenneth Cole 1.07 USD.
Blue pinstripe vintage Italian trousers Pilar Rossi 1.07 USD

Vintage green silk dress Mikado 1.07 USD plus 10.00 altering 11.07 USD and Vintage printed blue dress, also 1.07 USD plus 10.00 in altering, 11.07 USD.
Telephone print bow blouse Sister Jane 10.00 USD, plus altering 7.00 USD, total 17.00 USD

Not pictured: Double G belt 18.49 USD 

11.00 Franco Sarto tortoise sunglasses

A grand total for April of 137.09 USD
What's your favourite ?

Editing in April

There is always something to edit: my April closet edits included one black and white striped Daisy Fuentes maxi dress.
It also included a brown cotton dress by Anne Klein.
Followed by a jumpsuit from Jolly Chic.

A window pane shirt from Passport, dark military green cardigan from Zara.

A two piece printed blue trousers and top set from H&M
A silver belt.
Just 8 items in April.
How are your closet edits coming along ?

Designers designers wear

Book available here
The other day I was at a the local museum for a fashion and history related event. 
As I admired the huge black and white photographs taken by Man Rey of Ms Gabrielle something caught my attention. It was the huge double cuffs worn by the Mademoiselle. 
I had seen identical cuffs being worn one on each wrist, a la "Wonder Woman", but nothing resembled this. As I mentioned it to a friend, a lady listening to our conversation intervened to enlighten us about who made these: Fulco di Verdura an Italian jewelry designer. That got me thinking: what designers do designers wear? 

In this case Chanel wore Fulco's designs. In present times, its well known that Jenna Lyons, ex creative director for J. Crew wore mostly Bespoke shirts from Ascot Chang and that Karl Lagerfeld is faithful to Dior Homme since the 1960's. In the meantime Raf Simmons who was in Dior until 2015 loved wearing Prada.

Have you ever wondered what brands designers wear? If you were a designer, would you wear your own brand? 
El otro día estaba en el Museo del Canal Interoceánico de la localidad para un evento que combinaba la moda con la historia.

Mientras admiraba las enormes fotografías en blanco y negro tomadas por Man Rey de Ms Gabrielle algo me llamó la atención. Eran las enormes pulseras tipo "cuff" que llevaba la Mademoiselle. 
Ya había visto pulseras de este tipo llevadas una en cada muñeca así al estilo "Mujer Maravilla" pero nada como esto.  Mientras lo comentaba a una amiga, una señora quien escuchó nuestra conversación intervino para ilustraros y decirnos quién era el creador de estas piezas: Fulco di Verdura, un diseñador de joyas Italiano. Esto me dejó pensando: qué diseñadores usan los diseñadores?

En este caso, Chanel llevaba diseños de Fulco. En nuestros tiempos la ex directora creativa de J. Crew, Jenna Lyons era fan de las camisas Bespoke de Ascot Chang y Karl Lagerfeld es fiel a Dior Homme desde los años 60. Mientras que Raf Simmons quien estuvo con la casa Dior hasta el 2015 amaba usar Prada.

Te has preguntado qué marcas usan los diseñadores? Si tú fueras diseñador, usarías tu propia marca?

San Diego

Grey dress Zara, almost identical here - Brown sweater tied around the waist Zara 
Black tote bag Furla, similar on sale - Black flats Salvatore Ferragamo

If you did not know, I am interested in all things history. So, it was evident if I had the opportunity to see something in the city of San Diego, my choice would have been Balboa Park. The architecture, marvellous content, its humble beginnings and its direct relation to the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal being one of my favourite subjects. The opportunity to see and learn about it was magical. Oh, and did you know Balboa Park is actually bigger than Central Park in NYC (490ha vs 341ha)
Por si no lo sabían uno de mis intereses es la historia. Evidente era, si tenía la oportunidad de ver algo en la Ciudad de San Diego sería Balboa Park. La arquitectura, su maravilloso contenido, sus humildes inicios y su relación con el Canal de Panamá. Siendo el Canal de Panamá uno de mis temas favoritos. La oportunidad de aprender sobre el parque y verlo fue mágica. Ah, y sabían que el Balboa Park es mas grande que el mismísimo Central Park de Nueva York?

Skipping trends

Sure, I am aware of trends. But, because something is trending it does not mean it's to be followed. 

Because let's be realistic, some trends out there just don't apply to us. They have nothing in common with the lives we live, who we are or even our style. Others are just not flattering. Why would I wear something that is detracting and not adding? 
My suggestion is go try it, think how it works with your current wardrobe and if it will have a long life in your closet or will it just be a fling? With this in mind, these are two trends I am totally skipping and why. 

First up: The sunglasses holder, the "strap", "retainer" also known with the chic name of "leash" or "eye wear chain". Sorry, but for me it screams granny no matter what you call it. Even if Chloe makes this eye catching one, no thanks. 
I wear sunglasses every.single.day. and when they are not protecting my eyes they are sitting on my head. I've never needed them.                            

Seguro, sigo las tendencias. Pero porque algo esté "de moda" no significa que lo tengamos que comprar. Seamos realistas, hay tendencias allá afuera que no aplican a nosotros. No tienen nada en común con las vidas que vivimos, con quiénes somos ni con nuestro estilo. Otras simplemente no nos quedan bien. Por qué llevar algo que en vez de aportar va a restar? Mi sugerencia es, ve y pruébatelo, pregúntate cómo lo incorporarías y si tendrá una larga vida en tu armario o será solo un "fling". Con esto en mente aquí hay dos tendencias que no voy a usar y el porqué. 
La primera es la "cuelga lentes" o esa cuerda de donde se guindan los lentes sobre el pecho. En serio? esto grita abuelita. Grita abuela de mi abuela. No importa si Chloe sacó este modelo que ciertamente llama la atención. No cuenten conmigo.

Second: The net bag. They are all over the place. They resemble the bags used to carry fruit and veggies from the market. Things fall out, bag contents are on display, they get stuck everywhere. Sure I know, you 'll say "but they're supposed to hold the other bag". Why do I need two bags?

Segundo: La bolsa red. Está por todos lados. Se parecen a las bolsas que uno usa para ir a comprar frutas al mercado. Las cosas se caen por los huequitos, todo el contenido está a la vista, se enredan. Claro, dirán "pero es que adentro va otra bolsa". Pero para qué necesito dos bolsas?

How about you? What trends are you skipping ?

Y ustedes qué tendencias van a saltar?

Unusual Photobomber

Black Gabe blazer Theory, on sale here  - Black tote bag Furla 
Black trousers Mario Serrani, similar here 
Black star print light pink bow blouse H&M, a very sexy version here - Black flats Pemba Salvatore Ferragamo

My oddest photo bomber was by far a drunk man who creeped up and tried to hug me as a colleague took my picture in the Bahamas a few years ago.
So today's little visitor was quite welcome, this Tijuana cat walked slowly behind me and carried on in elegance as all cats do. What was your most unusual photo bomber?

How I got started

Black trousers Mario Serrani, identical
Gold and black bow top Mossimo, similar 
Double G belt, identical here 
Black patent bow flats Kate Spade, similar on sale
My first blog post is dated July 3rd, 2009 and has no pictures. At that moment I was hoping to shape my style, define it. Years have passed and this is still in the works. Although many things have changed, such as Polyvore disappearing and me reading In Style, some remain, like the fact that I do not follow trends to the last dot. Another thing that has not changed is that continue to be inspired by other bloggers, which at the end is what makes me continue to blog, keeping in mind there is always room for improvement.  How did you get started? 

Villa Condesa

Black trousers Mario Serrani, similar here 
Silk turquoise houndstooth print vintage blouse (no brand) , similar - White rose brooch, similar 
Black blazer Gabe Theory, identical on sale here
Black tote bag Furla
Black flats Pemba Salvatore Ferragamo

I have come to realise and accept that I am an all vintage collector. Sometimes I fear that I am just a few items away from becoming a hoarder..
It could be because I grew up in an old home, surrounded by old furniture or just because I honestly believe that items were made of better quality and craftsmanship. 
This is the only reason I can find to justify my excitement at coming across a vintage silk blouse in a shop or feeling right at home in a place that has old artifacts as decor, for example this little boutique hotel in the heart of Mexico City, a true hidden gem, where I've been spending some days. You can see some of these artifacts I refer to in my Instagram account. Are there any items that make you feel at home when you are away from home?

2 Outfits

Here are two outfits from exactly 4 and 5 years ago, same day today. Being able to do these posts is one of the perks of having a blog. 
Original 2014 post here
Original 2015 post here
Coincidentally on both occasions I wore skirts. If I wanted to replicate any one of these outfits I could only do it for the 2015 look with the yellow blouse, as the only item left from the 2014 outfit is the white skirt...