Pleasingly ugly

DRESS: Printed bell sleeve dress Charles Henry, similar and in orange
 SHOES: Red shoes Biviel HAND BAG: Black handbag Nina Ricci NECKLACE: Kate Spade Saturday

Just the other day I was making a comment on a blog when the idea came up. The idea of something being pleasingly ugly. It's not easy on the eyes, but so nice. It's bad, but good. It's odd, it happens and this outfit is proof. Allow me to explain. This dress does not need much accessorising, its printed and with long sleeves, so shoes, a handbag plus a pair of earrings should do. But, like I've said before I tend to add instead of subtract.
So, a moment before heading out the door I picked up a black and white chunky fabric link necklace from the Kate Spade Saturday collection (R.I.P.) and something clicked. It looked terrible. But, I liked it. In my head it worked, just for me ; ) 

Oh, and I'll be posting a close up on my Instagram, on the right bar of the blog you can see it.

White things

SKIRT: White pencil skirt Nine West - SHOES: Black patent shoes Zara - HANDBAG: Houndstooth print no brand
TOP: Black boxy satin top H&M - SUNGLASSES: Dark burgundy sunglasses from the Dollar Store 

White pencil skirt, check. White pleated skirt, check. White eyelet skirt, check. Two white mini skirts, check
Lost count of how many white shirts, blouses, tee shirts and such, but ask: most likely I'll have it. The white Halston dress from Sex and The City ? Yes, I have it too. White handbag, check
You get it, I love white garments and accessories. It's an easy wear, white is canvas and does not take much thinking. As much as I love it, the only thing I do not own in white are shoes, although I did have a pair of sandals not that long ago. White shoes remind me of the shoes nurses wear. 
How about you, is white a basic player in your closet ? Where do you draw the line, what would you never wear or have in white ? 

A Timeline

What hangs in our closet is a bit of a life timeline, it reflects stages we are in, jobs, trends, daily activities among many other things.  Today I thought I'd share some random looks from my own blog's timeline.  

2009 Full Post here                                                   2010 Full Post here
Looks like '09 and '10 were my first years experimenting with coloured shoes, I also think color block was trending. I loved that yellow clutch however it fell apart shortly after.
 2012 Full post 

The striped dress era must have been sometime around 2012. This one got a lot of wear. Looking back, all of the items I am wearing here are no longer in the closet.

From 2013 the dress is very Pretty Woman like, so I can only guess I must have seen a rerun. Funny thing, this dress looked so good in pictures, but in real life it was falling apart and odd fitting. However this picture makes me nostalgic for it. 

                          Full post                                                                    Full post
In 2014 I held on to striped dress momentum, I also wore this dress a lot and then I gave it away, same as the shoes. 2015 chambray and bangs. I have thing thing with bangs, I want them and then when I get them I suddenly don't want them anymore.

Full post
2015 was probably one of the years where I dared to wear skirts and flats. In my head skirts must be worn with heels. It took me a while to get there. So you can understand why the skirt and sneakers thingie does not seem to be done around here.
Full post
Last year, 2016, all I can say here is that I love this dress. I feel like me in it. 

From this timeline exercise of picking random pictures through the years I can tell you that I have gotten rid of about half of the items I wore. I can also tell you that sometimes I wear things just because they are on trend and not because they look good. Not good. I can also say that you can tell I am wearing heels less and less these days. Also, not good. On the bright side, well, there's always room for improvement ;) 

Skirt vs Wind

TOP: White boatneck tee shirt Talbots, almost identical and another with longer sleeves here - SHOES: Black patent Zara
SKIRT: Blue printed skirt Zara, could not find a similar one but look at this  HAND BAG: Coach, similar and here
As you can see in the above pictures the wind and the skirt had some encounter ! Even though I was finally able to get some decent non-windy shots, I must be admit that the wind won. What issues do you run into when taking pictures ?

Brown dress

DRESS: Brown dress Anne Klein, very similar here SHOES: Gold flats Fabrizio Gianni HAND BAG: Houndstooth print 
When I bought this dress shortly after I started the blog I wore it at least eight times, then it took its place in the back of the closet where it remained until today. Its been years. 
The brown dress was yet another reminder of a long lost item that is now almost too tight to wear. 
One thing that happens in my closet and maybe yours, is that I am constantly trying to buy better fitting items, ignoring the truth: the items I own or most of them already were the better fit.  
However now they do not fit like they use to because, I don't weigh what I use to. Right then and there: a moment of truth. 

Similar look:

Atoms Necklace

SKIRT: Grey skirt Casual, similar here - TOP: Red blouse Forever 21, similar but with bell sleeves here
SHOES: Fabrizio Gianni gold flats, very similar here - HAND BAG: Houndstooth print no brand, similar here 
Gold tone statement necklace, no brand, the most similar I could find here

Sometime in December while Christmas shopping fir gifts I spotted this atom like gold tone necklace and had to have it. Today, three months later it gets its first wear. I guess I really didn't have to have it.
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Red and grey:


White pleated skirt Zara, similar here - Light blue top with bows Forever 21
Gold flats Fabrizio Gianni, similar here - Houndstooth print hand bag, similar

Evil eye bracelet, similar smaller one under 13.00 USD here

These last few days I have been going for skirts. I have several dozens that have not seen the light of day in many months. Now that I think of it, it is very likely because I am always buying something and the items I already own get pushed behind in a very long line. These two months of no shopping I have honestly not accomplished what I wanted which was to wear all of the unworn and new with tag garments. Then again, it's not quite the end of March yet and I can always have April.

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3 years ago today

Dark blue trousers Jones New York, similar  - Red blouse Forever 21, similar - Black flats Jessica Simpson - Black tote bag 
Three years ago today I was in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, a marvellous city with many hidden treasures. 
When I look at this outfit I see that half of the garments I am wearing are gone: I gave away the belt, the shoes fell apart and the bag I left my bag for a colleague when I was in Havana. The rest is still in the closet, while the pants probably don't fit I'll give the shirt a wear this week. 

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Where were you three years ago ?

Original blog post here

The wood bracelets

Printed blue silk skirt Zara, similar under 30.00 USD  here - Gold flats Fabrizio Gianni, almost identical by J. Crew here 
Blue blouse Merona, similar in grey here  - Houndstooth print hand bag no brand, I'd happily trade it for this clutch

Brown and purple wood bead bracelets - Watch Victorinox

While I am aware Mademoiselle Chanel is to have said something in the likes of "before going out the door, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.." 
Most times before I walk out the door instead of removing an item I will add one or two, like today. How about you ? What's your take on accessories ?  

The Unknowns

White and black polks dot skirt vintage Gracia, midi version here - Black one shoulder silk top Alice & Olivia 
Book clutch "Paris and the Single Girl" Kate Spade - Extra large pearl bracelet Parfois
A few weeks ago as we arrived home one Sunday night, there it was under the door: a wedding invitation. I was excited, I love attending weddings ! I began to open the thick envelope and inside was the beautiful black and off white card. I read it, read it again and again, there were no last names and for a few seconds I was totally clueless to whom's wedding we'd been invited to. Thankfully a moment later I realised who the bride and groom were, oh ! and here is what I wore. Needless to say the wedding was s.p.e.c.t.a.c.u.l.a.r !

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My wedding look:

Revisiting: Mesh florals

Black Jou Jou mesh and embroidered florall top, very similar here  - Green satin heels Lela Rose for Payless, similar here

I hate it when it happens. You had a mesh top with small embroidered flowers, you wore it a few times and you were not feeling it so you got rid of it. A few years go by (or months!) and suddenly its back on trend, its on all blogs and magazines, the trend is all the rage... 
As I am in a shopping ban and this top is long gone, I guess I'd just revisit the trend and get it out of my system: I never really liked it on me.  

See original post here
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Pick your poison:


Off white V neck sweater Tommy Hilfiger, similar in Merino wool under 30.00 USD here - Grey skirt Casual, similar here
Black cap toe flats Zara, almost identical here, Houndstooth print hand bag, similar one by Ferragamo here 

You would think that at almost 2 months and a half into my 3 month shopping ban I would have worn all those garments hanging in the closet BNWT
Yep, there's plenty of items hanging brand new with tags and to tell you the truth I may have worn just one or two since the beginning of the year. By now I would have hoped to have worn at least half of them but it is not the case. 
I tell myself that most of these BNWT items are dresses and  that I have not had a lot of opportunities to wear them or maybe, just maybe, like I said to Lydia, I have a closet for a different life to the one I live. 
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