Peek a boo sleeves

Black blazer: Theory, similar Theory blazers here, here and in velvet here 
Grey trousers Red Valentino, identical here and here, almost identical here, both waaaay cheaper than I bought mine for !
Plumeti or Swiss dot white bell sleeve top Stradivarius - Black bag Tous - Black patent shoes Zara 

You've seen the trend: bell sleeves peeking or more like flowing out of jackets and blazer sleeves. I tried it and I liked it but I must admit it was not very functional. 
During my business meeting the sleeves kept getting in the way as I typed in my computer, they also got in the way when writing and I won't even tell you about the adventure it was to eat while wearing them... all I can say is that all surfaces my bell sleeves touched were wiped clean. 

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Blazer and Overalls

Black overalls Zara similar under 30.00 USD here - Red tee shirt - Black blazer Theory - Black flats Sam Edelman -
Black bag Tous

It's not déjà vu, yesterday I wore an almost identical outfit. Happens I've been attending a set of outdoor activities where even though I have to do rock climbing and such, I still need to get there "looking sharp". What makes this look different to yesterday's is that this overall is black and instead of wearing a white tee shirt, I wore a red one - same Theory blazer of course. I have to admit it was the perfect choice. 

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Overalls and Blazer

Jeans Overalls MNG Mango, similar under 20.00 USD - White tee shirt Faded Glory - Black blazer Theory, another under 6.00 USD here - Black flats Sam Edelman, similar under 17.00 USD here - Black bag Tous 

I'd been wanting to try the overalls and blazer look. I got a chance to today. I took an early flight to Guatemala, where from the airport had to go straight to an outdoors event. Of course I wanted to have warmth on board and look a bit polished, but ready to go when I got there and this fit the bill. 

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Celebrating: Thursday Moda

Ombre dress Lauren Conrad - White hand bag the "Jackie O." vintage Gucci -  Gold tone earrings and necklace Parfois 


Peasant top

Embroidered top Mexico - Jeans Liz Claiborne - Red shoes Zara - Black bag Tous

One of my uncles went to the University in Mexico to get his degree in Sociology. Whenever I see pictures of that period of time, something with a bit of Mexico pops up. Its usually clothing he is wearing or other relatives are, as every time he came home to visit he would bring gifts and many times these were clothes. While those garments are no longer around I think a part of me wish they were. A few years ago during a visit to Mexico I bought this embroidered top, I am sure a part of me longed for those times.

The Printed Trousers

Mango MNG printed trousers - Green cardigan 525 America - Burgundy flats French Soles - Black bag Tous
One of the most awful things is having a closet full or garments that do not fit. This is my case, most of my clothing is currently tight and its becoming a burden to get dressed. I have been gaining weight and its taking a toll not only on getting dressed but also on how I feel. I tried a nutritionist and things went well for about a month however after losing several pounds I went right back by gaining them. So, bear with me, like these green print trousers are...

No planning

Black NYDJ jeans - Red blouse MNG Mango - Zebra print heels Bershka 

Black bag Tous 
Evil eye bracelet cuff, here one from Kenzo I loved and a less expensive option here

The outfits worn the last couple of days have had no planning. Its been more or less grab and go looks. I have not been feeling comfortable with them, but they are getting me through the day.

Red blouses to brighten your day:

Houndstooth vest

Houndstooth vest Classiques Entier, similar here and here   - Black culottes Forever 21, similar
Black patent shoes Zara, similar - Blag bag Tous, other Tous bags I like here and here  

The thought of a houndstooth print anything tends to brighten my day. Choosing this houndstooth vest was easy, but wearing it, not so. Since purchased I have only worn it twice as the fabric is really thick and it only adds bulk, which I do not need. I have to admit I thought it looked better that it actually does. Mirrors can lie, then again cameras too ;) 

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Shopping ban in full throttle

A month and a few days have passed since I started my shopping ban. While it may not seem much for you, in my case, it is. The best thing is I have not had a real urge for buying anything. 

Above are some of the things I fell in love with during the last few weeks, keep on reading to learn why I instragrammed them. 

Here is how I have kept strong for 42 days and counting:

1. Unsubscribed from over 30 newsletters.
2. Taken to the tailor several garments to have adjusted.
3. Made small attempts to declutter. Started with cosmetics, earrings and shoes and have a world to go.
4. Begun telling everyone that I am on a shopping ban, so they can help me stay focused. You need support, or I do.
5. Left my credit card in a drawer at work.
6. Photograph the items I'd like to buy and instagram them. It makes me "feel" I have them. 
7. Share either via Whatsapp or Instagram those items I really like with friends whom I think would like them. I know I am bad influence, my theory is that if they buy them I can borrow from them.
8. Make plans: stay busy and create opportunities to wear all those clothes hanging there. There you have less time to go to the mall or browse on line. 
9. Use the cash you're saving towards important things. This may come as a surprise, because you'd think I was saving this cash. But I used part of the money I did not spend on clothes to pay for this year's fire insurance policy. Instead of letting it sit in my bank account I used it, if I left it there I would have felt tempted.  I am also making additional payments on my credit card.

Matching blacks and whites

White jeans Red Valentino - Fuchsia top Apostrophe - Zebra print heels Bershka - Green cardigan 525 America -
Tous black bag - Hello, Cool, Hi Bubble pins Stradivarius - Black and white watch Candies

There was a time when all I reached for was either black or white. 
Nowadays I still wear them, only a bit differently: as an item. 
Not only are possibilities endless, but it also gets me out of that damn rut that always creeps in. Not today though ;) 

Fun Pins:


White plumeti bell sleeve blouse Stradivarius, similar here and here - Black jeans Not Your Daughters Jeans NYDJ here
Black bag Tous - Gigham flats custom made, similar here and here 
Mesh watch Skagen, similar here - Mesh bracelet Swarovski similar here

Weeks ago I read a list of up and coming trends and saw plumeti was back. While I did recognise the raised dots on the plain background fabric, I had no idea what its name was.
Days after, while at the mall with a friend we walked into a store that had an array of beautiful tops in plumeti fabric and I mentioned to her that I had read that "plumeti was back" as I touched the fabric. Later that week she surprised me with this ruffle sleeve plumeti top. 
Have you any plumeti in your closet ? 

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Plumeti tops:

New grey

DRESS: Grey dress Zara, similar - SHOES: Burgundy flats French Soles, similar - HANDBAG: Black bag Tous 

Silver tone rhinestone flower pins similar

If you read my January closet additions you know I added some new items thanks to my birthday. This grey dress from Zara was one of them. A gift from the hubs, it fit perfectly - however I find it a bit short for me and even more for wearing to work.  But it was one of those days where I just wanted to wear the dress... 
It's very likely I will be taking it to the tailor and maybe have a piece of fabric added to the hem.

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The big picture

Henry Charles printed bell sleeve dress, similar here, in turquoise here - Black hand bag - Blue heels Charles Jourdan Paris 

Clothes, same as situations look different when they're up close vs afar. For example, take this printed shift dress, up close its blue (at least if you asked me) however from afar the other colours seem more noticeable. That being said, don't forget to look twice and get different perspectives on your clothes and in life ;) 

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Similar bell sleeve printed dresses: