September's closet edits

I deleted my original September edits post by mistake.
I just hope I did not forget anything...
Here are my edits.

Shoes: 3 pairs.
My Qupid wedges.
I walk weird in them and the fabric
has begun to tear on both shoes :(

One Guess black patent peep toe pair that were almost new but
when I walked in them I felt like I was going to fall.
I need shoes I feel confident in.
The other was a pair of black peep toe heels with bows by Aerosoles.
They never get worn, probably 3 times in 2 years...

Jeans & trousers: 3
My Tommy Hilfiger light blue jeans had to go.
They were low cut and the button fell off.
There were also little holes in the pockets.
My brown GAP trousers HAD to go.
They were low cut and no longer brown.
The Gianni Bini beige trousers were low cut
and so square shaped that I resembled Bob Sponge when I wore them.

Tops: 6
Junction West flowered top: felt it gave me no shape.
Tommy Hilfiger red : had a tiny hole.
Black t shirt Tilt: it's no longer black!

Via Vai striped shirt: seemed worn out, specially the underarms.
Mossimo sleeveless top: gave me no shape.
Null button down light blue shirt: I just got tired of it. It's at least 7 years old.

Tempted black capris: 1

While most of you liked how these pants fit,
I felt cut off, tight and short in them.
Resulting in me not "feeling" it and
not feeling confident.

For me it's that feeling of simply not wanting to run into anyone
you know because you think you don't look your best.
So, off they went.

Made in Quatar

This week I decided it
was time to revisit label checking 
and where the goods I consume are from.

Gap white jeans - H&M brown belt - Black sweater (no brand)
Anne Klein animal print flats -Michael Kors black bag

Hopefully you have also stopped at least once to check 
where your goods are coming from.

Forever 21 bottle necklace

Is the origin of your goods something you think about ?
Is it something you don't even consider ?
DO you base your purchase decision on where the item is made ?

Answer one, or answer them all :)

Made in Turkey

Checked your label today ?
This week I am checking the labels 
on things I wear, products I use and food I eat.

H&M top - H&M blue skirt - Zapatinho de Luxo beige flats - Urban Expressions bag

Today I am wearing an outfit that come from far away countries!
Brazil, Turkey and Bangladesh...
There are other items that are not labeled.
Which can only make me wonder why someone
would not label their product.
No "good" reasons come to mind.

If YOU made a product, what reasons could you have
for not labeling it ?

Made in Colombia

My pants are made in Colombia,
how about yours ?

This week I am making myself conscious of
where things are made by simply looking at labels.

Lands End beige trousers - Fariani top - Qupid wedges - Urban Expressions bag

It starts with clothing, shoes, bags, things you use,
food you eat...

Do you usually look at labels ?
Where are your pants from ?

Made in Bangladesh

Checked your label yet ?
I sure did and you are invited to do so too.
This week I am doing the "Check your label series"
in order to find out where things I use are made and see 
how much we depend on the world !
Not just clothing, but also things we use in our everyday activities
and food...

Null button down shirt - H&M Blue skirt - H&M brown belt - Green cardigan America 5 - Qupid wedges - Urban Expressions bag 

For example this morning I had local grown coffee and drove to work
in a Japanese car.

Got to work and ate Kraft crackers made in Nicaragua.

Bath products included a hair mask made in Brazil and a
soap that I have no idea where it came from.

Nail products made in U.S.A

A stainless steel firefly pendant that has no origin stamped on it, 
but the necklace reads "Made in Italy".

Finally shoes that have no markings on them but that if
I recall correctly the box said "Made in China".

SO, how about you ?

Where is your stuff made ?

Check your label

Last year I had a "label revelation"
and decided to check my labels to have
an idea of where the goods I consume were coming from.
Last year's recap post here.

This year I am doing it again, starting today and ending on Friday.
Certainly you are invited to join, if you do, let me know so I
can link your blog :)

If you do not have that much time, just check the label 
of what you are wearing next time you go to the bathroom 
and tell us where it's from in the comments section.

I check most labels that I can find...
Ferre perfume and lotion Italy, Smashbox face powder 
and eyeshadow made in U.S.A., Tous blush made in Spain,
Dove deodorant made in Mexico, 
Rosaterapia moisturizer made in Chile.
Maybelline liquid eyeliner - ?

Vogue black nail polish made in Colombia.

Zara dress -black tank top -  animal print belt - Red lips sandals - Michael Kors black bag 
My dress is from Zara and it was made in Morocco.
The shoes are made in Brazil.
The watch is swiss.
Neither the earrings, belt or bag have "made in" information.

Firefly stainless steel earrings

Miraculously I have not seen a "made in China" tag today :)
I am guessing I have not looked well enough.

So, tell me .... have you checked your label ?


On Saturday I went to the spa.

A spa I had never been to before.

It went with a friend and had lunch there.
The spa time was relaxing for the body but I also had
a spa for the eyes...

From the spa's terrace I could see the houses I love !

This one in particular seems to have an office and apartments. 

I guess this one if also from the 40's or maybe even before that.

I can totally imagine living on that top floor.

 For me it was a total delight, as I said:
Spa for the body and the eyes :)

Say Me animal print jumper - Nine West flip flops - Michael Kors black bag 

Looking out the window

I have been at my current job for 5 or 6 years.
Sitting in the same corner office overlooking the street
and traffic.

Red jeans Old Navy Sweetheart - Forever 21 gold tone necklace - Talbots button down shirt - Zapatinho de luxo beige flats - Michael Kors black bag -  
Right in front of my window is a huge old house (the type I like) that has a magnificent tree on the front yard.
The home use to be a bank and has been empty now for several years.

I absolutely love looking at the huge tree. 
It is home to blue birds, red and black birds, parrots, parakeets and
I swear this morning I saw something that looked like a hawk.  

The house use to have a "for sale or rent" sign that was taken down last week.
Now mysterious men have been showing up every day.
They got on the roof at began throwing the old Spanish clay roof tiles
and breaking them on the ground... (don't they know people pay big money for this ?)

I hear as they roof tiles brake and can only wonder what will happen here.
Of course I'd love the house to stay but my main concern is the huge tree...


This morning I got a visit from a bird.

Lands End beige trousers - JH Collectibles white button down shirt - Zapatinho de Luxo beige flats - Michael Kors black bag
It stood there looking while I took my pictures.
I did not even want to move as I did not want to scare it away.
The bird was mid sized and had a white tail.

I absolutely love to see birds.  Free birds.
I have been lucky enough to have huge parrots sit in my windowsill 
and get to hear the loud parakeets every morning. 

Gold vintage earrings and ring 

I've had even a humming bird in my tiny balcony and the 
occasional buzzards who I think want to eat Vanilla & Marshmallow...
Buzzards, I don't like the buzzards.


Someday I will get a good picture of this dress.
Someday, not today.

Evan Picone green dress - Nine West gold flats - Michael Kors black bag

Seems like every time I wear this dress I am running late
and just can't take a decent picture.
Meaning that either I have been running around more than usual
or this dress... well it's haunted. 

Is there a garment in your wardrobe that whenever you wear it,
something particular happens ?

Closet work

I have been working on my closet these
last couple of nights.

Black Charter club trousers - White tank - Via Vai striped blouse - Bershka black and white heels - Michael Kors black bag

Started with the bottoms department.
First, took out all of my jeans, capris, shorts, trousers and skirts.
Cleaned the closet and the tube they are hung on.
(I would have never known there was dust there!)

Tassel necklace Forever 21

I have quite a few items on trial as I am not
sure if I should keep them or not.
As I do this "cleaning" process I have
my "handy" blog next to me and it's actually helping me
know how much wear an item has gotten in the past two years.

How does your blog help you ?