Weekend Wrap Up !

 I had a pretty busy weekend.
Busy with non important things, but busy nevertheless.

Saturday pretty much looked like this:
DKNY jeans · Charlotte Russe top · Black flats · Nicole Lee bag

Sunday I was able to get 
3 outdoor pictures in front of one of my favorite
homes, this one is from the 30-40's.
Blue eyelet dress Galeno and Butterfly flip flips (gift from mom)
These homes are being torn down mercilessly
and being replaced by horrendous skyscrapers.

Hopefully I will continue to enjoy those that are still there....

Out to Dinner

I have a very high appreciation of old buildings.
Old structures, old appliances, old trinkets.
It has nothing to do with monetary value, 
it's mostly craftsmanship.
Fresca top · JL Bean shorts · Nine West Wedges · Nicole lee bag 
So, it was a real treat to visit an old building recently 
renovated as a hotel.
We went for dinner at their new restaurant.
We were lucky to get a table without a reservation.
Even though the food was not the best, 
(we rated it 5 out of 10) - we enjoyed what came after.
Let me rephrase that, as it was not dessert, that was rated 3 out of 10.
What I mean is after dinner we visited the hotel.
We were were showed the hotel's installations, or at
least the part that is open as renovations continue.
It was simply beautiful.

Beginning with the hand painted floor tiles, 

the chandelier, 

 the details on the wood carvings, 

even the stairs...
 that reminded me how much out of shape I am !

 I really enjoyed this visit and was even allowed to peek at
one of the rooms...

This hotel makes me want to go on vacation.


The Social Network

Are you guys familiar with Facebook?
Wait, that is a really dumb question to ask.
Are any of you NOT on Facebook ?

DKNY Jeans · Fresco top · Bass flats · Red bag Nicole Lee

Last night a couple of friends and I went to the movies to watch:
Yes, I know I AM a little late...
Had it not been for the free tickets I do not think it would have 
been a movie I would have chosen as the topic did not interest me.
The film was entertaining but not award winning. 
However I have to admit that FB impact is huge.
In summary for me the movie reminded me of:

How amazing it is that one idea can change the world.
This leads me to think there is still hope and reminds me that 
not everything has been done.

On the human aspect, it just showed that
however advanced we may be in science and technology
we are raw humans that need to evolve.
Screwing people over is just not on my list.

So, are you on FB ? 

My Biviels

What's a Biviel ?
Well, I did not know myself until very recently.
Biviel is a shoe brand that I heard about on another blog.
The blogger (whom I am not sure was) spoke wonders
on the shoe being very well constructed ad very comfortable.
I don't know about you, but I learn about brands on
other blogs and then research a little more about them
until I am ready to make my own purchase.
Chadwicks dress · Biviel shoes · Tous pendant · Red bag Nicole Lee

I know firsthand that if a product does not have advertisement is
does not mean it is not good, it just means it does not have the 
money for it. Period. So, I am usually open to try things.
 BIVIEL is the brand of my new red shoes which were
purchased on line as the brand does not exist where I live.

Today is my first time wearing them.
I cannot really tell you they are comfortable, 
I think I have to break into them.
Although I did not have to "break into" the Fluevogs shoes I got last year, 
(I learned of Fluevogs from Sheila)

As I said I need to give them time.
However I CAN tell you that the insole is very,
very soft...

Have you tried on a pair of Biviels ?
Are the any other brands that you have learned about 
on line ?

Listography Wednesday

This year I committed to "Listography"
meaning that every Wednesday I will 
tell you things in a form of lists,
according to the assigned topic.

More about this here.

This week, it is:

List places you would like to visit.

The place that first jumps into my thoughts is 
E G Y P T 

Then there is a blank, followed by Turkey.
oh and the Balkans.

Then I just want free access to visit 
a couple of brains.
Get into people's thoughts.
Oh, there is one 
mind I am dying to visit.

So tell me, what places would you 
like to visit ?

It's not my favorite

This is not my favorite look.
This Guess top has not been worn in at least 2 years.
Lately I have been running around in the mornings to 
make it on time to work, not having enough time to
think outfits over.
DKNY Jeans · Guess top · H&M Cardigan · Kenneth Cole bag

I have not had the inspiration to put outfits together
the night before and as it does not come that "natural" to me - 
I am walking out not truly convinced of how I look.

Silver pendant (gift from grandma) · Heart (gift from h)

So, that's the story behind today's look.
I have to pull my act together, continue my closet edits and
buy tons of magazines or browse more and more blogs so I can
get some well needed inspiration !

Wet Hair Tuesday and rant update

As you can imagine by my look
I rushed out the door this morning,
leaving me no time to dry my hair.
Tommy Hilfiger top · brown Rafaella capris · Qupid wedges · Liz Claiborne tote
 I wanted to thank all of you who were kind enough
to stop by and leave a comment on yesterday's rant.
I have given this a lot of thought.
It's family, but it's not correct.
I feel totally used and taken advantage of.
It's like WTF ?!
However I cannot turn this into a family dispute.
Whatever I do, I have to do it gracefully.
Silver and mother of pearl pendant from Peru

I realized that the reason I am so upset about this whole thing
is: the way it has been done, how I have been and continue to be approached.
Without any concern, without nothing but intere$t.
I have never spoken to the pregnant girl about it.
She has never emailed or called.
I don't care if she is not close and I don't care if she is family or not, as I have done events for people who are not related to me (and not charged a penny). It's just how everything has evolved.

So, here is where I need your input once again.
How.do.I.do.it ?
Exit gracefully.
I have thought of several ways of doing it.
One is to email her back and tell her that I think 
she has done good so far and I see that it's 6 of us hosts 
(hosts that include two 14 year old girls WTF?! ) -
and that according to her budget total I have divided it between the 6 
of us and that she needs to tell me where I can send her the cash.
Another option is to reply to her email and be extremely polite 
and tell her that I will not be able to be part of the event.

I cannot think of any other way.

So, what would you do ?

Care for a Rant ?

It's just one of those moments
when people either think I am __________
(please fill in the blank with an adjective after you finish reading this post)
or I really, really do not know what to think.

Ok, so I am known, well known for organizing events, 
from low budget weddings, to bachelorette parties, 
children's parties, birthday parties, 
bridal showers to pricey corporate events - you name it.

It comes natural and it's actually really easy for me.
I organized my 300+ guests wedding on my own.
So, you get the picture.
My h's cousin is pregnant.
I see her maybe once a year, never talk to her, but she is family. 
Have these 2 open channels of communication with her: 
Facebook and the BBM.
However time goes by and I have no messages from her.
Today I get an email from the pregnant girl addressed only to me
with the subject "BABY SHOWER".
Inside an excel attachment with a list of guests, menu 
and an estimate.
No message, no nothing.

I do not know how to handle this.

Please tell me what you think.
Am I doing something wrong ?

Seriously, fill in the blank...

SBA: Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you to Meli from 
for the award and thank you for
reading my blog.
Ok, so I am supposed to tell you 
7 things about me
and then tag 15 of you.
Fifteen !!???
Ok, no need to worry
I will only tell you my 7 things and 
leave it up to you on telling me 7 things about
you in the comments area.
Does that sound fair ?

Here are my 7:
1. I've been hit on by another woman.
2. One of my biggest fears is being in debt.
3. I am really, really responsible.
4. I am very intuitive.
5. I have never been surprised. 
I always figure stuff out beforehand.
6. I use to bite my fingernails.
7. I have two younger brothers.

Lace Dress on Trial

I've had this blog for almost two years now.
You have never seen this dress here,
meaning that it has not been worn in quite a long time.
Pink lace dress · H&M black cardigan · Neiman Marcus tote · Michael Kors flats
It's a light pink lace dress that was a present from my mom.
So lace is supposed to be back (it's never left me) so
I pulled the dress out and decided to give it a shot.

While I tried to style it I realized the many, many reasons 
I have not worn this dress in so long.
One of them is the slip under it is really thin, meaning 
that I had to find the correct undergarments.

Then I realized that it's really low on the chest area so
I had to put something underneath it in order to make it
The color is nice but I am extremely pale so it is not flattering on its own.
I tried to add some color which I thought a cardigan or jacket would do.
I tried jeans jackets, blue boyfriend blazer, green cardigan, animal print cardigan and the list goes on. None worked.
So yes, this only confirms that this will be the first
and last time you see me wear this dress.
I just do not think it's a keeper as it's 
not an easy garment to wear and I have to 
try really hard to make it work !

Green Weekend

Do not get me wrong,
I actually enjoy doing laundry.
Let me rephrase that, lets just say that
I do not mind doing laundry.
So I have no excuse on wearing the same
green top for two days in a row.

Green Tangerine top * DKNY Jeans * Nine West flip flops * Liz Claiborne
LL Bean shorts * Green tangerine top* Nine West flip flops

This green seemed the way to go,
to go green.

More Closet Edits: January 2011

I strive to have a better fitting wardrobe every time
I edit my closet.
Make sure that whatever it is I keep, 
makes me look good.

So, out the door go: old Hello Kitty pijamas, ill fitting white summer dress,
 ill fitting pink wrap shirt and earrings that just do not do the trick for me.

Also moving on are a couple of shoes.
White Marie Claire sandals bought in Peru, they rusted. Need say no more.
Animal print Bandolino sandals were falling apart and the brown suede
Aerosoles mules speak for themselves.

Good riddance !

My Friday

Due to the self induced comma I went into last
night due to the huge amounts of food I ingested 
after the art exhibition, I could not get out of
bed this morning.
Missoni dress · Kenneth Cole reaction peep toes · Liz Claiborne bag

Needless to say I was rushing around the house
this morning and was not able to blow dry my hair
into decent shape.
So I decided on the "eco-green dry".
Meaning I took the top off the car and dried it
on my way to work.
It did not look great, but, it was dry !

 I was a little late and luckily I did not get in trouble
as, well, it's my birthday.

It would sound something like
"Happy birthday and BTW you are sooo late!"

Art Crush

I was invited to an art exhibition 
that I happily attended as the painter
is local and is quite known.
He was an art teacher in the high school that I attended, 
and although it was long before my time, 
I still feel the connection.

Concepts dress · Nine West flats · Yellow clutch
The exhibition was held at a local museum and it was 
p a c k e d.
I ran into a high school friend that I had not seen
in, well, at least 15 years.
She did not recognize me. As usual.
I never get recognized.

But, the highlight of the night and of the day was
running into MY high school art teacher who had 
been a himself a student of the painter back in the day.
Not only had he been my teacher, but, he
had been one of my favorite ones.
He was patient, caring and in general a good person.

So even though my chances of being remembered were
pretty much zero, I could not pass this opportunity to 
let him know he had been such a good teacher and that
even though I was never very artistic, 
he literally brought out the best I had in me.
I even told him that I keep my high school sketch book from
his class, which I actually do.
I cannot tell you how very happy I was.
First of all I never run into anyone from my
high school and he was not just "anyone" - he 
was my favorite art teacher   e v e r .