Got it all wrong...

Somewhere in my head I thought it was already 
During this Wardrobe Capsule we can ONLY wear 
5 garments in one week 
BUT, we can wear all the accessories we want.
I had put this together to start the week,
But, it's not this week !
So this is just a peek:

- Brown dress shirt (I have had it for at least 7 years)
- Animal print peep toe flats Qupid
- Yellow patent tote Liz Claiborne
- Owl Ring Forever 21
- Gold tone necklace and earrings (gift from Julissa)
- Vintage Invicta watch

Why ?

So here I am uploading the weekend pictures.
Went to the supermarket and to the mall. 
They are plain, boring and not very thought of. 
I wear jeans and a t shirt.
Nothing fancy, so WHY even post them ?

I decided to post them, well first of all 
because I have been posting what I wear on the weekend since 
I began the blog.
Also, because I need to see what it is I am doing that I do not like.
Believe it or not THIS helps.

For example yesterday I ran into a co worker from my job 10 years ago.
She was wearing a simple flowered dress and flats. 
She looked comfortable and beautiful. 
I was, on the other hand wearing what you see below:
Jeans are always the first pick when going out to do errands 
and it is in so many ways a uniform.
I have about 10 to 12 pairs of jeans. 
They all fit (some a little tighter than others)
I need to stop "jeans" from being my first pick.
How can I do that ?
Any tips ?
I have even thought of giving half of my jeans away....
Top Personal Identity

Friday Cocktail

Friday night my H and I went to a cocktail at the museum. 
They were exhibiting for the first time a collection from the life of well known 
opera composer Giacomo Puccini, 
whose works include Madame Butterfly and La Boheme.

-Black dress Jonathan Saunders for Target
- Black patent peep toe flats 
- Silver padded clutch
- Black headband with big shiny rock
- Silver bracelets (all of them) on both arms


WTF: Vintage Ad

Ok, ok I really do not need to even read the text in this ad!
The image says it all.
I am wondering is how this ad ever generated sales ?



Did I tell you not too long ago I use to be 
an area manager for 
Roberto Cavalli fragrances ?

Yes, it was a lot of hard work but it was very fulfilling.

Today I wore one of my "souveniers" from that time:
- Roberto Cavalli perfumes long sleeve t-shirt
- Black cardi Toxic brand
- Light blue Tommy Hilfiger jeans
- Grey, black and cream wedges Nine West
-Yellow patent tote Liz Claiborne

This job was extremely rewarding. 
Allowed me to be creative, insightful and made me grow as a person.
It made me see that there were many other things I could do.
Have you had THAT job?
THAT job that makes you see all your potential ?

Have a great weekend !


Today I am inspired by IN STYLE

I do not know what month this page is from, not even what year.
I do know it's from IN STYLE, my favorite magazine.
I tear stuff that I like out and throw 
it in a can box I have in the closet.
The days I am totally clueless I reach for the box which 
usually helps me try different styles.
Today is one of those days.
Since I do not own a long white skirt or a jacket just like the one 
above, I did an "inspired by" or "look a like":
- White skirt Beiza
- Brown tank top Wet Seal
- Beige jacket Sawary
- Jade green chunky necklace
- Yellow patent tote Liz Claiborne
- Gold flat sandals

What do you do when you lack inspiration ?


Insert Title Here

Today I ran around a little before going to work.
I met with local authorities in regards to the noise at night coming 
from the bars nearby, then went looking for a place that could 
"glue back together" my car's soft top to the glass and finally to my mom's empty apartment where I took 2 of the pictures below.

- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Burgundy Caramel satin top
- Brown jacket MNG
- Gold toned multiple necklace Forever 21
- Vintage watch INVICTA
- Yellow patent tote Liz Claiborne
and below is my MAY authorized purchase!!
Flowered wedges by Qupid


BLOG AWARD : Courtesy of Carla

Thank you Carla from Vitamins for My Soul for the award !
According to the instructions I have to post the award and pass it on.
So I decided to add on a few questions for me to answer and to pass on...

1. When is the last time you ran?

Few months ago, I know shame on me.
2. What's the last sporting event you watched?
None, I do not watch sports.
3. What is your favorite animal?
Dogs, dolphins, birds
4. Your dream vacation?
Egypt, Thailand, I have  a list.
5. Last person's house you were in?
MY H's sister's
6. Worst injury you've ever had?
8 Stitches in my forehead
7. Have you been in love?
8. Do you miss anyone right now?

9. Last play you saw?

I chose to pass the award on to:

SAk from http://sak-lilbitofeverything.blogspot.com/
and to Kathy of http://modargenta.blogspot.com/

Late, Late on a Tuesday !

I have a valid excuse for being late today.
My refrigerator died on me this morning.
I had to take everything out of the freezer,
 put it in a cooler and take it to a "borrowed" refrigerator.
Yes, all this morning before coming to work.
I had not realized how much food we had 
until we had to empty the entire refrigerator.
- Polka dot skirt Liz Claiborne
- White blouse Natalie B.
Tan Leather Bow belt Tennis - Colombia
- Black textile peep toe flats Lela Rose for Payless
- Yellow patent tote bag Liz Claiborne
- Black rhinestone necklace

Now I am just praying it is not completely ruined and that it can be repaired.
I rather spend that money buying something else!


Late on Monday...

And here is the proof...  yes my watch reads 8:16 a.m. 
and I have to be at work by 8:30 a.m.
This was the time I started taking my pictures before heading out to work.
- Grey trousers A.Byer
- Yellow boatneck top
- White cropped jacket No Boundaries
- Black pumps Bata
- Yellow patent tote Liz Claiborne
- White Givenchy watch
- Flower Bib necklace - paid 1.00 USD

Lucky for me... my boss was even more late than I was !


This weekend... it was just another one of those where 
you do not do what you want to do but what you have to do.
What can I say ?
Here's what I wore on Saturday, 
where my day started at the salon.

- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Black t shirt
- Yellow patent tote Liz Claiborne
- Gold tone chandelier earrings
- 3 multi colored bracelets
- Nine West Flip Flops

Sunday was also a "must do" day, which I will leave at that.

- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Pink Polo by Ralph Lauren
- Brown belt Liz Claiborne
- Gold gladiator like flats (gift from mom)
- White Givenchy watch