Monday : This suit reminds me of. . .

Just las week while reading By Hillary: Fashion with a side of Sadness
I did a mental exercise to try and link events to my clothes. 
I then realised that no matter what I thought I had gotten rid of items that brought on bad memories.
The suit I am wearing today brings back memories, hot ones, good ones.
Not "hot" in that sense.
When I began working in my current job I had to travel minimum one week a month.
As you can imagine I had to pack for an entire business week in one carry-on in order to minimise the odds of losing flight connections.
The area I had to visit was the Caribbean.
While it may sound like vacation fun, it was extremely difficult at first.
Customers were lovely in the most part but, the climate was rough.
Long story short I bought this light black suit for these travels. It is stretchy, does not wrinkle, comfortable and presentable.
Wearing this suit I walked the hot islands and I did things I never dreamed of.
I love this suit, it´s hot !

With my beloved Da Moda black suit, I wore:
-White sleeveless ruffle see-through blouse 
-Vintage Brooch (given to me by a grand-aunt)
-Black pointy Bandolino heels
-Black patent Neiman Marcus brand tote (gift from mom)

Flea Market Sunday

If you have come across my ramblings before you are sure to know that there is no "flea market" culture where I live.
Whenever you do come across one, they are expensive and limited in what they offer.
But, I always go anyways, hoping that by supporting it the idea will catch on. 
In fact, this past Sunday we had one and my friend and I went.
First we thought about having a stand there in order to sell goodies we make but, since it was sooo cloudy and rainy-like we decided to abort the mission. 
On this hot Sunday I wore:
-New York & Company cropped jeans (again from yesterday... shhhh)
-Black tank top (can´t remember the brand)
-? brand Burgundy flats (gift from friend Julissa)
-Mexican Textile purple, lavender, etc bag  (purchased in Mexico)
-Crochet earrings (I made)

Saturday: I can do two things at the same time !

Yes I can ! 
I can do 2 things at the same time: eat and take a crappy picture ! Yay for me.
On Saturday I went out to do errands and only did less than half of them, as usual.
Decided to wear:
- no brand creme-yellow lacy top with bow (bought in St. Barths while waiting for a customer)
-New York & Company cropped jeans
-? brand flat burgundy shoes (gift from Julissa)

When I finish a post like this one, I realize that this right now, what I wore was boring, lifeless, colorless. 
Then I say to myself (try to justify) that it was the picture that did not do this justice but no. 
This is what I aim to get away from... what do you aim to get away from - wardrobe related ?

Friday is Free


Today`s dress was free to me, sponsored by my grandmother.
She bought it for 3.00 USD,  and it wasn't thrifted. 
The fabric has a blue background that helps the burgundy, pink, green, lavender, white patterns stand out.
The fabric is suede like, the brand is Apparel Y and it´s super comfortable.
Decide to pair it with an H&M green cardigan which I bought at the beginning of the year in NY.
Shoes are Dani and the burgundy quilted bag has no brand.
I feel so girly-girly today !

Four Dollars later...

Yes, after paying 4.00 USD this dress became my property.
It`s not thrifted, it`s Liz Lange Maternity for Target.
I like the print and the price, the only mishap is that the elastic waist sits very high, so I decided to try and cover it by adding on this deep red suede leather belt.
My dog Marshmallow decide to step into the frame and I could not crop her out.... she is so cute!

When I decided to throw in another little bit of red by putting on this gold tone and red plastic flower necklace- my husband decided it was "too much" as he walked off shaking his head.

Nine, ninety-nine dollar dress

Yes, that is how much I paid for this dress: 9.99 USD
Lately I have noticed that my interest for dresses has increased, maybe it´s the prices in the stores or just that somehow it´s so much simpler to wear (minus the shaving).
Today I pulled out:
-Richard Chai for Target purple and grey dress
-H&M black cardigan
-Wilstar brand flat gray and black patent leather shoes - I bought these in Berlin last year. They are so comfortable !
-Neiman Marcus brand black patent tote (same as yesterday, courtesy of mom)
-Silver Hello Kitty earrings. I have to stop here. I have read the Hello Kitty Hell blog and laughed my ass off - but I love her. HK and I grew up together. I buy HK, mom gets me HK, friends give me HK. HK and I are meant to be. 
Maybe I should do a "tribute to HK week"... hmmm

10.00 USD or less dress week

After Penny from La Belle Dame suggested that us girls prefer the cheap - I decided to pull a cheap dress week :)
So today, I have:

-Isaac Mizrahi for Target red and white striped dress, 9.00 USD.
I bought this dress "beltless" - did any of you happen to see this on your Target outings - with the belt ? I'd like to know what it was like.
-Black patent ALA sandals
-Black patent belt 
-Black flower earrings from F21
-Black patent Neiman Marcus brand bag (gift from mom)

So..... if you run into me in the street, does my dress look like it was 9.00 USD ?

Monday: I have no theme !

This week has no theme, at least not yet. 
But, I have two options to chose from:

- Less than 10.00 USD dresses
- Eyelet Garments

Which one would you do ?

-I started the week with a blue Isaac Mizrahi (for Target of course) dress that was 6.00 usd and has eyelet fabric.
-Red suede leather belt
-Red, white and blue peep toe flats by Lela Rose for Payless
-Red spiral silver earring, necklace and ring set (gift from my H's mom)
-Liz Claiborne Persimmon tote

DIY: Boring Black Dress comes to life

Black Casual brand Pom Pom dress - Black flats Kenneth Cole

On Saturday I went out to get some material for a project I had in mind.
Happens that I have a lot of black dresses in my closet, all types. 
Sometimes I do not wear them because I feel like I am wearing a uniform no matter if I change the accessories on it.
Anyways lazy me went out and bought some fuzzy balls in a pink hue? I call them fuzzy balls because I do not know how to call them. In fact at the store I just pointed out at them, "I want those".
Anyways all I did was sew it on to the hem.... and I wore it on Sunday !!
I loved the movement and the touch of color it gave the dress, I did not buy enough to do the sleeves, so maybe I´ll go back for more fuzzies later.
Everyone complimented me on it....

Friday Night: Out

On Friday night we went out for wine and Spanish tapas to celebrate a friend´s birthday.
The place was neat if you like wine, because you pay 25.00 USD have all the wine your body can take and the SPanish tapas are free. I do not like wine, tapas I can live on...
I wore:
-7 for all Mankind Jeans
-One shoulder burgundy color and animal print top Fantasia
-Black sandals
-Urban Expressions tan xxl tote bag
-Gold tone threaded earrings

Friday´s Layer: Ketchup and Mustard

 It´s Friday ! 
I am excited because today my living room furniture comes back home.
We had it upholstered as the previous blue fabric was turning purple, seems like the sunlight sucked the life out of it.
So as soon as it´s back I'll show you a before and after picture, 
see what you think.

Today I put together:
-7 For all mankind jeans
-Calvin Klein orangy ruffly sleeveless top (gift from grandma)
-Shiny Burgundy cardigan
- Nine West burgundy booties
-Genere green watch (I've had this since high school- gift form my grandparents)
-Green jade and pearl ring from Chadwick's
-Urban Expressions tan xxl handbag

Oh! and I am wearing the Bath and Body works' Japanese Cherry Blossom splash...
I love the way it smells but, since it´s a splash it doesn´t last long, they should turn it into a perfume.

A coworker commented on my outfit this morning, she said I looked like ketchup and mustard... in a positive way... maybe I´ll have a burger for lunch.

Gone to the movies ...

Thursday night we got free tickets for G.I. Joe. 
If the tickets had not been free I probably would not have gone to see this movie.
I'm not into that kind of movies, but I guess it was ok.

Before running out to the movie theatre I put together:
- MIX brand black, white and gold stripes sweater
-Newport News yellow tank top (I wore this to the office)
-7 For all Mankind Jeans
-Nine West Black Patent shoes
-Urban Expressions tan xxl handbag
-Three gold bangles (gift from grandma) 

The most basic layering ever..

Simple layering: this is the only one I can pull off, mostly because I did not even know it was layering until recently...
-Gap brown trousers
-Carven blue shirt
-Colorful Rock brown belt
-Newport News yellow tank top
-Urban Expression tan XXL bag
-Green Peep to
es from Payless
-Jade and pearl ring from Chadwick's (yes, Chadwick's)
-Green rock necklace and bracelet (gift H brought back from Brazil)

Wednesday Night Dinner at Uncle´s

Yesterday after work I rushed home to change to go to dinner at my uncle´s house.
I tried to continue my challenge... all I did was:
- 7  For All Mankind Jeans
- Oscar brown top (I wore it as a vest today to work)
- Purple/green thin scarf  
- Green peep toes from Payless
- Gold tone thread earrings
- Gold tone and brown cuff (gift from Ana Maria)

My purple scarf (WHICH I LOVE)  is falling apart mostly because I put it in the washing machine and THEN the dryer.... can you think of anything else I can do with it ? Any crazy ideas are welcome.

I chose to wear the new earrings, which are gold tone and are "threaded"-
I love the way they look plus they are as light as a feather - but the thread started to come apart... I know I can´t expect much out of 1.50 USD, but come on ! 
Happens that since it was so dark all my self taken pictures with the BBerry were bad... so my best choice was emphasize on the accessories.

Struggling... layering...

Continuing with my self imposed challenge, on layer week I bring you:
-Marc Segal brown skirt
-Insolite cream blouse with turquoise lines
-Oscar Jeans brown sleeveless top
-Textile pin
-Green pumps with black bow by Lela Rose for Payless
- Urban Expression tan XXL bag

Still trying to layer - Day 20

This morning I left the house feeling something was off. 
Does that ever happen to you ?
I was not comfortable about the way my burgundy booties looked.
I have had them for sometime but have a hard time trying to wear them.
What do you think ? Should I have changed shoes before leaving ?

Here I am struggling to layer, this morning I put together:

- Black skirt
- NY&Co some type of animal print long sleeve blouse - with neck bow
-Black pullover
-Nine West burgundy booties
-Urban Expression tan XXL bag

I swear I´m trying....


Monday Day 19: Layering Week Begins

For some reason my brain has issues with layering.

I find it hard, I look for inspiration on blogs, tv and magazines. My brain does not get it.
I am layered challenged, maybe it´s just because I live in a country where it´s sooo hot that it makes no sense to layer for functional reasons.
Now indoors it´s different, since air conditioners everywhere you go are just so extremely cold.
Since I spend my work hours in this type of cold environment I decided to put my brain to work and layer all week.
Here´s my first shot:
- Black Pencil skirt Poetry
- Max Studio silk cream blouse
- Charlotte Russe plaid tube top
- Fioni cream and black tip padded shoes from Payless
- Urban Expressions tan xxl bag