It´s finally Friday. 
Boy, has this week been long.
Anyways, as I have mentioned earlier... I am awful at taking pictures, but I try ... isn´t that what counts?

Today I put together:
7 for All Mankind Jeans
Bow top by Luciano Dante 
Animal print Qupid peep toe shoes
Black patent animal Print Pocket bag
Vintage like earrings - gift from Jess



Today it´s not just raining, its actually pouring, has been since last night.
When I put this outfit together last night I did not think it would be raining in the morning, thus the peep toe.
Try not to wear peep toe shoes when it´s raining, the yucky water between your toes does not feel good, specially starting off the day.
The "assemble" :
Brown Corduroy - now that I see it here - miniskirt.
Had I known in was this short I would not have worn it to work.
Forever 21 Flower Belt
White round neck t shirt 
Green H&M cardigan
Liz Claiborne Bright yellow tote bag
Brown peep toe flats from Kenneth Cole Reaction

Since I am wearing the cardigan open to show the colorful belt I tie little bows on each side of the cardigan in order to prevent from it just hanging there and looking messy.



It should actually be Day 3 as today is Wednesday but yesterday not only did I feel yucky but also looked yucky. 

In fact the skirt I wore yesterday did nothing for me and is going on the give away pile.
Yes, you might consider this cheating as I am omitting one day but, cut me some slack I am just beginning.

But, today´s Wednesday and this is what I put together:

Brown suede Ann Taylor Loft pants
Tye-Dye Forever 21 soft Top
Brown suede Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes
Bright Yellow Liz Claiborne Tote


First of all I must say to fellow bloggers that THIS IS NOT EASY!
Trying to find the time to take the picture, taking the picture and then think of something-not-so-stupid to jot down ...
Anyways, you have to be really disciplined - my hats off to all who actually accomplish this.
I have had a really hard time finding batteries for my camera (the battery charger died on me) and then finding the right position for the camera...even when using a tripod.
I have way too much light in my place, so bear with me until I can get through this beginner´s phase ( I hope it´s just a phase).
So here goes my first... your suggestions are welcome !

This was Monday morning, I wore black cropped pants by Tempted, with black short sleeve jacket. Inside a beige lace shirt with a beige tee underneath to avoid showing too much...

I chose shoes from Lela Rose - Payless and burgundy color quilt bag.


After the Trial

I wish I was at this point, I am certainly not, however I can say that 80% of my jeans and pants have passed.
But I still have a long way to go with other garments.
I am guessing that when I get to the point of having worn most of my stuff I can probably go through the unworn and pick out any that are designer, which will probably be none.
The others, I can always do a little search on internet to look for innovative ways of wearing them.

Sometimes it happens that you just get sooo tired of seeing a piece in your closet that seem to overlook it´s possibilities. But, with so many wonderful blogs from around the world to get inspiration from - that is no longer an excuse.

After this trial is over.. it´s probably going to be longer that OJ´s+Monica Lewinski's+Anna Nicole Smith´s+any other one... but in the meantime I will be pulling out items so I need to figure out what to do with them.

I have already worked on some options as I have mentioned before, thrifting is almost non existent where I live :(  buhhh

For the clothes that are in good condition and fit me too tight I have a petite friend who is happy to receive any items I do not use. We have very similar taste I enjoy seeing that someone I care for can make good use of something I had.

The clothes in good condition but that fit me too loosely and I just know that no matter what - even by having them adjusted to fit - I will not wear go to another good friend who is only one size or so bigger than me.

She is usually really happy to share the clothes, but, then again not everyone is like that.
You would be surprised, some people get offended by being offered "hand-me-downs", not I.
I had hand-me-downs when I was a little girl from a friend of my mom´s who had fast growing baby so it was something normal for me.
In fact, about 4 months ago I got a bag of goodies from a sister´s friend, which were a great asset to my closet.

I am drifting away from the subject - but, going back to what to do with the items you will not be using anymore, there´s always donations or having them sent to where these could be needed most.
This last one is what I am currently doing, sending these off to a place 5 hours from the city, to a hilly unattended community where these can be most appreciated. I am lucky to have a friend that is glad to take these there.

What do you do with stuff you don´t use anymore ?

I am the Judge: Closet on Trial

So, once again I am back trying to figure out where to begin.
I have finished the drawer (I will go back to the other ones later on) and have gone by the shoes only seeing them from a distance - which means I will also have to go back there too.
Anyways, the question today is how do I choose what I will keep in my closet ? How do I know that I will not regret getting rid of a garment and then sob about it forever ?
There´s always the usual way, which is just look for the faded, torn, old item that you have not worn in a while.
Then there´s the way I want to do it and which I am currently attempting to do.
I picked out a day, a few weeks back where I simply put a "division" - call it a hanger with a tag or a colored ribbon tied to my clothes rod.

I put it at the beginning of the rod, which would be the left side.
Then every time I wear something and it´s washed, dry cleaned, ironed - meaning it´s going back to the closet - I put it to the left of the ribbon/hanger.
This automatically separates the recently worn with the unworn. For me it also means that I should do my best not to wear items on the left of the ribbon as it has been worn recently.
With that in mind I try to encourage myself to wear only what´s to the right of the ribbon/hanger: the unworn.
Certainly the favorites come first and after seeing they have crossed the line to the worn territory comes the interesting part.
Of course in my made up rules I can wear for example my black trousers over and over BUT, always with an unworn shirt, you know to try and keep it real.
Since I am already putting this one to the test, I can tell you that I have been pulling stuff out that I have not worn in over a year.
It has helped me rediscover some interesting pieces in my closet.
The interesting part is that since I am trying to pre select the clothes I will wear the next day, I can usually tell if an item still fits and is still in the game.
At this point I will have two options: wait until I have finished all of the clothes and what remains at the right of the rod will go or I can make the decision if after two or three attempts to wear the garment I have not been able to incorporate it into my daily wear.


Shoes ... Zapatos II

Ok, I am still waiting for your comments on my "Shoe Spot".
To put together this functional rack all we needed were 8 wired RUBBERMAID 26" shoe shelves in white.
In the perfect world (the one where the person only has 7 pairs of shoes) you can fit up to 4 pairs of shoes per shelf. 
In my case, I fit twice that as I not only have small feet (US 6) but, I place one shoe on top of another so I can maximize space.
Also trying to take advantage of the wall, I had the shelves placed as high as I could.
I am a small person so I also had to get me a stool in order to reach those shoes up there!
We also installed good lighting... which the picture clearly does not show... 

Shoes... Zapatos !

I am thinking shoes... oh shoes! 
My mom says I have too many of them, maybe I do.. last count I had 109 pairs, I think I might have a few over that now.
Once while discussing the shoe issue, it came to me that maybe while I was a baby and then during my childhood my mother kept me running around barefoot.
That probably stuck around in my subconscious and that is the reason I buy shoes (note I made this up trying to justify myself).
Anyways as usual the problem with shoes is lack of space and visibility.
You want more space and want to display them all in order to know what you have and pick them easier.
For years I had to keep my shoes piled in boxes, under and behind things, making me forget the shoes I had.
I recently moved and my closet space is a little bigger and lot more comfortable.
I began to think of ways to find space for my shoes... it took me about a year and about 150.00 or so dollars.
Inside my small walk-in closet, at the end - was a wall, empty. At the beginning I though of having more closet space there, to possibly hang the long party dresses but, somewhere along the path I changed my mind.
Tell me what you think ! Can I improve this ? Would you have done it any other way ? 


So I begin a journey...

I have never really been a person who follows fashion. 
When I was in high school my budget was tight and most of my clothes were bought for me, meaning I did not have many options.
As I got older I was able to chose some items but, did not really "have a style".
At the moment the important thing was to have certain items such as those black Reeboks with the hot pink laces.. but I was not so much into trends.
I recall wanting anything from the Esprit and Benetton brands which were extremely popular. 
I did not care what color, or if it matched... it was a "brand" stage as I see it.
Later on, I began to "copy" people, or at least what they wore. 
I had a Spanish classmate who always wore bermudas with t shirts and moccasins, so I tried to follow that trend until I think she noticed and I felt kind of stupid about it.
Growing up I did not have much closet space, so what I had, I had.
Now, that I look back I wish I could have done better, but I did what I could with what I had at the moment.
I did keep whatever my style was then very plain, not too colorful and I was never fond of showing too much skin.
So, how did I get to this point: My Every Day Wear ? 
Well, after finishing school, college, the usual MBA and changing jobs a couple of times I am still rehearsing.
I still do not have a style I can call my own, I am still searching.
I worked in advertising where I remember having a co worker who dressed up everyday, sometimes she came in looking like a pirate, others as a Swiss girl direct from the Alps, but, she always nailed it. I worked there for about half a year, she complimented me only one day, so you can imagine what I probably looked like !
Anyways, from there I moved on to a company in which I wore uniform to work for almost 6 years.. so I only had to pick clothes for the weekend, which made my dress mode very simple.
While using the uniform I do recall adding on scarves, pins and brooches but, nothing significant.
After leaving this company I moved on to marketing environments.
For anyone who has ever worked elsewhere and then suddenly finds oneself in a marketing environment, it´s eye opening, if you know what I mean.
It´s colorful, creative, daring, show off... and there I was, simply clueless.
My clothes were usually never figure defining, always dark, not creative, 80% of them from the sales rack and non flattering. 
Sometime, somewhere around this time I began to evolve and still am.
I have a friend who was always color coordinated, always perfectly fit, accessorizing... I began to silently follow her.
I then realized that brown and turquoise can go together, that pins make wonders, that scarfs in the right color can make you glow...
Later on I moved on to another job... where I attend conventions, presentations, visit different countries and am a little more exposed to trends.
I gasped at the mere thought of me having anything to do with all of the above, but almost four years later here I am doing things I thought I would never do. 
While traveling I was able to see trends from many countries in different seasons (where I live you only dress for hot hot summer or rainy rainy days).
Traveling opens ones eyes, it has enabled me to visit real "live" thrift shops and vintage shops as where I live these are non existent.
During my many hours slouching in airport chairs waiting for connections,  I became a fan of certain magazines like InStyle.
A few months back I came across a site called Polyvore... in which I found a lot of inspiration.
I have been Polyvoring everyday since then.... and now I think I can try to not only document my daily wear but also watch myself evolve ... hopefully in the right direction.