My First Award: Thank You !

[Honest_Scrap_Award.jpg]Today I was not only honored but actually really surprised that I have received a blog award from Penny at La Belle Dams Dice , it's my first ever, so honestly THANK YOU !
This award is called the Honest Scrap Award, where I have to tell you 10 things about myself, don't fall asleep now:

  • I did not meet my biological father until I was 20+. We live in the same city but, he never cared for me. One morning I decided to show up in his office, I wonder if he has nightmares of me showing up.
  • My relationship with my mom needs tons of work. It's even harder since she moved to another country but, we try and continue to take baby steps.
  • When I want to lose weight, I rather starve than exercise. 
  • It is very hard for me to move on. I hold on to stuff, people and moments.
  • Math, statistics, accounting, anything number related is my Achiles' tendon, meaning I suck at them.
  • I am serious about savings and paying the bills. No BS here, ask my H !
  • I confess that I have a weakness for old items. Mostly every day use stuff: typewriters, telephones, phonographs, bottles...
  • While growing up my dream was to become a teacher. Part of my job requires for me to train people, which makes me a teacher- so I say. But, I have plans on going back to school sometime next year to get an MBA in Higher Education, so I can actually teach !
  • Sometimes I do "events" as a second gig. Baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, even weddings.... it's actually pretty simple.

Part of this award is also for me to chose 7 fellow bloggers to carry the torch, but I have only picked 5, my chosen ones are:
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Sheila at Ephemera 
Elaine at Clothed Much 
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Londyn at Fashionista Style1 


Penny said...

Oh my God, I suck at math too! My husband says it's a good thing since I score quite high in language, arts, etc. We laugh and say that if I actually knew how to add, I would be a mad scientist or something...lol

I'm so glad you accepted the award and posted your own 10 truths. We all have our personal things but in the end...what's important is that we try a little each day to correct whatever wrongs have happened in our own lifetime:)

Stay Blessed!!

Sheila said...

Thanks you so much, Lorena! I really appreciate this.

ana said...

Congratulations Lorena... very interesting facts about you... why don't you post some pictures of the events you organize??? that will be fun :)

Lorena said...

Thanks girls !
Ana you have given me a good idea... I have to think where I have the pictures of the stuff I have done.... so I can begin posting them !