O M G . . . I have a follower !

I am so excited ! I have noticed that I have 1 follower !

This may sound corny to all of you who have soo many ... but for me it´s just so flattering.. sniff!

My follower is Pumpkinsdelight , I was just in her site is so pretty and she has music !!! - call me slow but, I am at my true blog basics.

I will go off and do jumping jacks now... thank you Kimberly !


Penny said...

Ha!! Of course you have a follower! You're page is so cool. I'm just catching up and enjoying reading your page so much:)

hillary said...

I follow you in greader. I don't know how you follow in blogger though... I will follow you on there once I figure it out.

Lorena said...

Mmmm... OMG I feel so computer-blogger-illiterate -
what is greader ? (I will google it)
I see you, I see you Hillary - you are Miss Matilda !!
Thanks for following, now I am feeling pressured :)