After the Trial

I wish I was at this point, I am certainly not, however I can say that 80% of my jeans and pants have passed.
But I still have a long way to go with other garments.
I am guessing that when I get to the point of having worn most of my stuff I can probably go through the unworn and pick out any that are designer, which will probably be none.
The others, I can always do a little search on internet to look for innovative ways of wearing them.

Sometimes it happens that you just get sooo tired of seeing a piece in your closet that seem to overlook it´s possibilities. But, with so many wonderful blogs from around the world to get inspiration from - that is no longer an excuse.

After this trial is over.. it´s probably going to be longer that OJ´s+Monica Lewinski's+Anna Nicole Smith´s+any other one... but in the meantime I will be pulling out items so I need to figure out what to do with them.

I have already worked on some options as I have mentioned before, thrifting is almost non existent where I live :(  buhhh

For the clothes that are in good condition and fit me too tight I have a petite friend who is happy to receive any items I do not use. We have very similar taste I enjoy seeing that someone I care for can make good use of something I had.

The clothes in good condition but that fit me too loosely and I just know that no matter what - even by having them adjusted to fit - I will not wear go to another good friend who is only one size or so bigger than me.

She is usually really happy to share the clothes, but, then again not everyone is like that.
You would be surprised, some people get offended by being offered "hand-me-downs", not I.
I had hand-me-downs when I was a little girl from a friend of my mom´s who had fast growing baby so it was something normal for me.
In fact, about 4 months ago I got a bag of goodies from a sister´s friend, which were a great asset to my closet.

I am drifting away from the subject - but, going back to what to do with the items you will not be using anymore, there´s always donations or having them sent to where these could be needed most.
This last one is what I am currently doing, sending these off to a place 5 hours from the city, to a hilly unattended community where these can be most appreciated. I am lucky to have a friend that is glad to take these there.

What do you do with stuff you don´t use anymore ?

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Sheila said...

I give most of my old stuff to my friends first. Whatever they don't want, I take to a 2nd hand shop that buys stuff outright. Anything leftover goes to a charity.

I think it's important to recycle your clothes - there isn't such a stigma as there once was. Good for you!